Archenbridge 1368 DR


Some of the interesting locations in the town include:

1. Swordpoint. The fortress of Archendale is described below.

2. Grave Hollow. The mysterious barrow of an unknown warrior lies in the center of this glen. No one has succeeded in opening it, and there are rumors of a terrible curse on those who dare to enter.

3. Stersen's Paddock. The town's only horse trader, Stersen also sells livery, harnesses, and saddles.

4. Market Field. In spring, summer, and fall, merchants from all over pitch their tents here. (Of course, the local firms always get the choicest locations.)

5. Sandan's Sawmill. Sandan, a retired Ride captain, runs a water-powered sawmill here for stripping and sawing timber logged in the nearby forest.

8. Orosul's Tower. Orosul was a noted mage who lived in Archendale a generation ago. He disappeared 16 years ago after warning the Swords to make sure no one tried to enter his tower.

9. Heward's Mill. Powered by a brand-new water wheel, this grist mill is operated by Salath Heward, a greedy and unpleasant fellow.

10. Elgath's Provisions. A must for the well-equipped adventurer, Elgath's features all kinds of packs, camping and exploring gear, and traveling rations. Elgath sells any item in the standard equipment list at a 10% markup over listed costs.

11. Drunken Lion. A poorer-quality alehouse frequented by the Ridesmen and local loggers and trappers. A draft costs 4 cp, and a flagon of cheap wine only 2 silvers.

18. The Arkhen Bridge. Known locally as "the Bridge," there being no other spans of importance the area. The dwarf-built buttresses are said to be enchanted for strength and durability.

20. River Way. This new road leads to several comfortable manorhouses overlooking the Arkhen. A house on the River Way is the latest status symbol.


One of the strongest fortresses in the Dalelands, Swordpoint is the main barracks of Archendale's army. It sits on a rocky knoll overlooking the old Arkhen Ford, and commands the West Road that leads farther into the Dale.

Swordpoint consists of a stone keep built by a robber baron more than 500 years ago when the ford was the only way across the river. When the bridge was built downstream, the keep was abandoned. After the war with Sessrendale, the Swords recognized the need for maintaining a stronger army, and rebuilt the keep. They also added a strong ditch-and-dike rampart of earth to the defenses of the fortress.

Today, Swordpoint is the Archendale army's headquarters. When necessary, the Swords meet or hold audiences in the old keep. A garrison of three of the army's 10 Rides (180 men) remains here to discourage attacks against the Dale.

Archendale's soldiers are sometimes referred to as Ridesmen. They are well-equipped with chainmail, lances, longswords, and composite bows. The Ridesmen prefer to fight mounted, but the rough terrain of the area often forces them to dismount and fight on foot.

Archendale (1368 DR)

Map courtesy of Candlekeep

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