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Quickrazor, gnome

The gnome quickrazor is a fast, flashy weapon favored by gnome bards, because it allows them to hold an instrument, attack with a weapon, and still keep one hand free for spellcasting. In addition, many two-weapon-wielding spellcasters find it a perfect off-hand weapon because it allows them to keep their primary weapon in hand and still cast spells with their offhand.
The quickrazor features a light, wide knife blade with a very small hilt. The weapon is worn tied to the wielder's wrist in a specially designed sheath. When you attack with a quickrazor, you flick it out in a quick, slashing circle, catching the hilt in your hand at the end of the arc and then snapping it back into its rest.
Because of this flicking technique, drawing a quickrazor is always a free action, but at the end of your action, you must stow the quickrazor in order to use it properly again on your next turn. Stowing the weapon after attacking with it in this fashion is a free action. Because you must stow the quickrazor at the end of each attack with it, you are treated as unarmed during other creatures' actions.
if you draw a quickrazor and simply wield it instead of using its intended attack method, it counts as an improvised weapon, imposing a -2 penalty on attack rolls even if you have the appropriate Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat.
Quickrazors are easier to conceal than most weapons, and they grant a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal them. Quickrazors grant a +2 bonus on Bluff checks made to feint in combat.
Attaching a quickrazor and sheath to your wrist so that it can be wielded properly is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. A character can have only one quickrazor attached to each wrist at a time.

Exotic Weapon - Melee
Cost45 gp
Range Inc-
Weight1 lb.
Source Races of Stone
Light melee

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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