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A fighting net has small barbs in the weave and a trailing rope to control netted opponents. You use it to entangle opponents.
When you throw a net, you make a ranged touch attack against your target. A net's maximum range is 10 feet, and you suffer no range penalties to throw it even to its maximum range. If you hit, the target is entangled. An entangled creature suffers -2 on attack rolls and a -4 penalty on effective Dexterity The entangled creature can only move at half speed and cannot charge or run. If you control the trailing rope by succeeding at an opposed Strength check while holding it, the entangled creature can only move within the limits that the rope allows. If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must succeed at a Concentration check (DC 15) or be unable to cast the spell.
The entangled creature can escape with an Escape Artist check (DC 20) that is a full-round action. The net has 5 hit points and can be burst with a Strength check (DC 25, also a full-round action).
A net is only useful against creatures between Tiny and Large size, inclusive.
A net must be folded to be thrown effectively. The first time you throw your net in a fight, you make a normal ranged touch attack to 11. After the net is unfolded, you suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls with it. It takes 2 rounds for a proficient user to fold a net and twice that long for a non-proficient one to do so.

Exotic Weapon - Ranged
Cost20 gp
Range Inc10 ft.
Weight10 lb.
Source Player's Handbook
See the description of this weapon for special rules.

Preferred weapon of: Eldath

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