Weapons Description

Gauntlet, spring-loaded

This gauntlet possesses a broad ridge of metal that extends along the bottom of the forearm to the edge of the wrist articulation, where a circular orifice is visible. This ridge of metal hides a wondrous spring-loaded mechanism whereby a crossbow bolt can be expelled with great force, akin to a very small crossbow. You load the gauntlet by inserting a bolt in the hole and pulling back a tiny lever. Loading the spring-loaded gauntlet is a move-equivalent action that provokes an attack of opportunity. You fire the spring-loaded gauntlet by sighting down your arm, then flip your hand back so that your palm faces your opponent - this motion fires the gauntlet. A character who attempts to fire two spring-loaded gauntlets at once suffers the standard penalty for two-weapon fighting (see Two weapon fighting). The cost and weight are for a single gauntlet.

Exotic Weapon - Ranged
Cost200 gp
Range Inc20 ft.
Weight4 lb.
Source Sword and Fist

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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