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Crossbow, grapple firing

This device helps adventurers scale unclimbable walls, bridge chasms, escape down sheer cliffs, and the like. A grapple-firing crossbow is a heavy crossbow modified to fire a special, grapple-headed metal bolt attached to 100 feet of thin, light rope. A successful shot at an appropriate target indicates that the grapple has hooked onto something, anchoring the rope firmly enough for a character to ascend it with a successful Climb check DC 15. Failure brings one of three results: that the grapple simply failed to snag anything, that it has lodged but is nor secure enough to support a character's weight, or that there's simply nothing up there for it to catch. In the first case, the user can simply recoil the rope and try again. In the second case, a successful Use Rope check (DC 15 made before anyone tries to climb reveals the instability. The user cannot free that grapple but may try to fire another. (Should anyone try to climb the unstable rope, the grapple gives way after the climber has progressed 1d10 feet. Determine damage normally for the resulting fall.) In the third case, retries automatically fail.

Simple Weapon - Ranged
Cost70 gp
Range Inc120 ft.
Weight12 lb.
Source Song and Silence
Uses Grapple Crossbow bolts (10) (see Ammunition)

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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