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This strange three-pointed crystalline or obsidian wedge was originally common to some humanoid tribes that lacked metalworking technology. However, it is now becoming more common among peoples with the ability to forge metal. As a result, most chatkcha encountered in the course of a campaign should be constructed of metal. The statistics given in the table above are for a metal chatkcha.
The chatkcha returns to its thrower on a miss. To catch a returning chatkcha, the character must make an attack roll (as if he were throwing the chatkcha) and hit AC 10. Failure indicates that the weapon falls to the ground 10 feet away from the thrower in a random direction. A non-proficient user who fails in his attempt to catch the chatkcha also suffers 1d4 damage from the weapon's sharp edges.

Exotic Weapon - Ranged
Cost1 gp
Range Inc20 ft.
Weight3 lb.
Source Savage Species

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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