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Chain, Mountain

Unique to the Mountain Ghost clan of dwarves, these are comprised of three balls linked by stout chain, a mountain chain resembles a set of bolas. You must fire a mountain chain from a light or heavy crossbow. The chain is made in such a way that it can be fired from a normal crossbow without penalty.
You can use this weapon to make a ranged trip attack against an opponent. You can't be tripped during your own trip attempt when using a set of mountain chain. It deals only nonlethal damage.
Because of the mountain chain's awkward shape, a crossbow firing it has its range increment reduced to 1/2 normal.

Exotic Weapon - Ranged
Cost25 gp
Range Inc42006
Weight2 lb.
Source Dragon #348
Specific to the Mountain Ghost dwarves

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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