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A bolas is a set of three weighted balls connected by leather cords. To attack, you whirl the bolas in a circle over your head and then fling it at a target. The bolas connect with your opponent with a successful ranged touch attack. Disregard any armor, shield, or natural armor bonus of the target.
A character struck by bolas must make a Reflex save (with a DC equal to the attack roll of the bolas's wielder). If the saving throw fails, the target takes subdual damage and is considered pinned. (See "Grapple" in Chapter 8: Combat of the Player's Handbook for more information.) The bolas can pin only a Tiny, Small, or Medium-size target.
To escape the bolas, the pinned character must either break out (Strength check, DC 20), wriggle free (Escape Artist check, DC 20), or cut (or be cut) loose (5 hp and only slashing weapons do damage).
Regardless of the method, escaping is a full-round action. (Remember that a target can use the take 10 or take 20 action to escape if the situation allows.) If the saving throw succeeds, the target suffers normal damage but is not pinned.

Bolas can also be used as a garrote.

Exotic Weapon - Ranged
Cost10 gp
Range Inc10 ft.
Weight3 lb.
See the description of this weapon for special rules.

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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