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Aspergillum, Heavy

The common aspergillum is a lightweight metal device resembling a small club or light mace with a perforated head for dispensing holy water. Although not a weapon per se, it can be used in combat to deliver ranged touch attacks.
The heavy aspergillum combines the properties of a common aspergillum with those of a heavy mace and is greatly favored by members of the Impilturan church of Ilmater. A heavy aspergillum can hold up to 3 flasks of holy water. In addition to serving as a common aspergillum, it can also be used in melee combat. When a button on the shaft is pressed, tiny holes open in the mace head, allowing holy water to touch a creature struck by the weapon. Each use of the weapon in this manner uses one flask of holy water per attack whether or not the attack is successful. If the wielder has multiple attacks per round with the weapon, the holy water can be released multiple times in one round (but no more than once per attack) until it is depleted. A heavy aspergillum may also be used to make ranged touch attacks with holy water in the manner of a normal aspergillum.
Pouring a flask of holy water into an aspergillum or heavy aspergillum is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Simple Weapon - Melee
Cost100 gp
Range Inc-
Weight12 lb.
Source Races of Faerûn

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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