Weapons Description

Arrow, Dragonsbreath

A dragonsbreath arrow has a shaft soaked in resin or pitch and a slightly enlarged head filled with a dab of alchemist's fire. Slots in the head force air into the chamber when the arrow is fired, igniting the alchemist's fire and the shaft as well. The slots in the head emit a low screech as the arrow flies through the air. A dragonsbreath arrow deals an extra 1 point of fire damage when it hits a target, and that target must make a DC 15 Reflex save or catch on fire. A dragonsbreath arrow can't be reused on a miss.

Cost50 gp
Range Inc100 ft.
Weight3 lb.
Source Races of the Wild
Longbow, add 10 ft to range increment for composite longbow. Set of 20

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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