Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog

From Aurora's Emporium
Purveyors of Faerûn's Finest Merchandise

For those unfamiliar with Aurora's Emporiums, Aurora, a retired adventurer, has created the finest shopping experience in Faerûn via her catalog and conveniently located outlet stores.

While the Aurora's catalogs do not leave the outlets due to cost of copying and distribution, a general price list has been made available via this new method of scrying. Item descriptions are available from the local outlet's full catalog.

NOTE: prices may be higher at some outlets due to local conditions. Check with your nearest outlet manager for these changes.

Unfortunately, the catalog formerly available on Earth is no longer available through book shops. However, copies may be available from purveyors of pre-read books. Aurora's Catalog at


Rangers' Field
Rogues' Corner
Bards' Emporium
Priests' Alcove
Wizard's Laboratory
Laborers' List
Inn and Tavern
Scribes' Desk
Storage Items
General Hardware
Tailors' Corner
Clothes and Shoes
Boom's Garden

Household Accoutrements
Personal Supplies
Auroras Larder
Cheese Shop
Wines and Ales
Wilderness Gear
Priest in a Poke


Stores, Shops & Treasure