Equipment Arrays (Kits)

Equipment arrays help simplify character sheets and reduce the need for precise bookkeeping. Instead of writing down all the mundane equipment, simply write in the name of the array, figure the cost and encumbrance, and use the lists as a reference sheet. Arrays are also helpful when kitting out your adventurer and you have no idea what he or she should have at hand.

Most of these items can be found in the Player's Handbook. Complete Adventurer, Arms and Equipment Guide, and other adventuring guides also have useful items for especially tough missions.

Healing Array

Those with limited or no access to magical healing often find these items useful. They represent the tools typically carried by professional healers and battlefield medics.

Antitoxin (vial)50 gp-
Backpack2 gp2 lb.
Bedroll1 sp5 lb.
Bell1 gp-
Candles (2)1 cp-
Cleric's vestments5 gp6 lb.
Healer's kit50 gp1 lb.
Holy water (flask)25 gp1 lb.
Mugs (5)1 sp5 lb.
Rations (4 days)2 gp4 lb.
Sewing needle5 sp-
Soap5 sp1 lb.
Wine, fine bottles (2)20 gp3 lb.
Total156 gp, 2 sp, 1 cp28 lb.

Infiltration Array

These are the most common tools used to break into and out of fortified areas. An adventurer caught walking about after dark equipped with this array needs a good story to avoid time in the local jail.

Acid (flask)10 gp1 lb.
Belt pouch (2)1 gp1 lb.
Block and tackle5 gp5 lb.
Caltrops1 gp2 lb.
Crowbar2 gp5 lb.
Explorer's outfit10 gp8 lb.
Grappling hook1 gp4 lb.
Lantern, bullseye12 gp3 lb.
Pole, 10-foot2 sp8 lb.
Rations (2 days)1 gp2 lb.
Signal whistle8 sp-
Silk rope (50 ft.)10 gp5 lb.
Sledge1 gp10 lb.
Thieves tools, masterwork100 gp1 lb.
Waterskin1 gp4 lb.
Total156 gp59 lb.

Merchant Array

An adventurer who wishes to act as a reputable merchant, or one who merely wishes to track her acquisitions, does well to keep these items in stock.

Belt pouch (2)2 gp1 lb.
Courtier's outfit30 gp6 lb.
Good lock80 gp1 lb.
Ink (1 oz. vial)8 gp-
Inkpen1 sp-
Magnifying glass100 gp-
Merchant's scale2 gp1 lb.
Paper (20 sheets)8 gp2 lb.
Scroll cases (4)4 gp2 lb.
Sealing wax1 gp1 lb.
Signet ring5 gp-
Small steel mirror10 gp-
Total250 gp, 1 sp14 lb.

Mountaineering Array

These heavy supplies allow any single traveler to survive the cold conditions of an extended mountain climb for about two weeks, barring poor weather or unforeseen difficulties. Frostburn contains more helpful equipment.

Backpack2 gp2 lb.
Belt pouch (2)2 gp1 lb.
Climbing kit80 gp5 lb.
Cold weather outfit8 gp7 lb.
Firewood (24 hours' worth)1 cp20 lb.
Flint and steel1 gp-
Hammer5 sp2 lb.
Pitons (30)3 gp15 lb.
Rations (2 weeks)7 gp14 lb.
Silk rope (100 ft.)20 gp10 lb.
Tent10 gp20 lb.
Waterskin1 gp4 lb.
Winter blanket5 sp3 lb.
Total135 gp, 1 cp103 lb.

Riding Array

These items provide an adventurer with all she needs to outfit a mount for an overland journey, as well as the bare supplies needed to make her comfortable.

Bit and bridle2 gp1 lb.
Feed (10 days)5 sp100 lb.
Riding saddle10 gp25 lb.
Saddlebags4 gp8 lb.
Mount subtotal16 gp, 5 sp134 lb.
Bedroll1 sp5 lb.
Flint and steel1 gp-
Light horse75 gp-
Rations (20 days)10 gp20 lb.
Soap5 sp1 lb.
Tent10 gp20 lb.
Traveler's outfit1 gp5 lb.
Waterskin1 gp4 lb.
Rider subtotal98 gp 6 sp55 lb.
Total115 gp, 1 sp189 lb.

Spelunking Array

These supplies allow an explorer to safely handle a limited amount of exploration underground.

Backpack2 gp2 lb.
Bedroll1 sp5 lb.
Chalk1 cp-
Crowbar2 gp5 lb.
Explorer's outfit10 gp8 lb.
Flint and steel1 gp-
Grappling hook1 gp4 lb.
Lamp, hooded7 gp2 lb.
Mapcases (2)2 gp1 lb.
Miner's pick3 gp10 lb.
Oil (7 pints)7 sp7 lb.
Pole, 10-foot2 sp8 lb.
Rations (4 days)2 gp4 lb.
Silk rope (50 ft.)10 gp5 lb.
Sunrods (3)6 gp3 lb.
Waterskin1 gp4 lb.
Total48 gp, 1 cp68 lb.

Wilderness Array

This equipment represents everything a woodsman needs to thrive in the dark wilds, assuming he can survive encounters with the area's residents.

Bedroll1 sp5 lb.
Bucket5 cp2 lb.
Dagger2 gp1 lb.
Fishhook1 sp-
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.4 gp5 lb.
Flint and steel1 gp-
Handaxe6 gp3 lb.
Hempen rope (50 ft.)1 gp10 lb.
Iron pot5 sp10 lb.
Sewing needle5 sp-
Shovel2 gp8 lb.
Soap1 gp2 lb.
Traveler's outfit1 gp5 lb.
Waterskin1 gp4 lb.
Whetstone2 cp1 lb.
Winter blanket5 sp3 lb.
Total21 gp, 2 sp, 2 cp59 lb.

Dungeon Adventuring Kits


If your party lacks a cleric, or if your cleric focuses on offensive rather than defensive spells, the cleric-in-a-box kit is a fine substitute in an emergency. With potions on hand to heal most ailments, you can march into a dungeon with the peace of mind that relief is never far away.

Antitoxin4200 gp
Healer's kit150 gp1/2 lb.
Holy water4100 gp4 lb.
Keoghtom's ointment14,000 gp1/2 lb.
cure moderate wounds2600 gp-
lesser restoration2600 gp-
remove blindness/deafness1750 gp-
remove curse1750 gp-
remove paralysis1300 gp-
Total7,350 gp5 lb.

Doorbuster Kit

With this kit in your backpack, no door will block your way. If you cannot pick the lock, melt it. If you cannot melt it, pry it open. If you cannot pry it open, saw it off. With all these options, you will yearn to face tougher locks - just for the change of pace.

Acid (flask)440 gp4 lb.
Crowbar12 gp5 lb.
Hacksaw, superior120 gp1 lb.
Lockslick2360 gp1 lb.
Thieves' tools, masterwork1100 gp2 lb.
Wand of knock14,500 gp-
Total5,022 gp13 lb.

Mobility Kit

You should have no problem leading the party anywhere with this suite of climbing and exploring aids. The potions cover special situations, while the climber's kit lets you scale a wall first before dropping a line back down for your companions. And the bag of holding? Let's just say there is no such thing as having too much rope.

Bag of holding, type 112,500 gp15 lb.
Climber's kit180 gp5 lb.
Grappling hook, mithral11,000 gp2 lb.
Lava stone10240 gp-
jump4200 gp-
levitate2600 gp-
spider climb2600 gp-
water breathing1750 gp-
water walk1750 gp-
Quaal's feather token, swan boat1450 gp-
Rope, silk (100 ft.)480 gp10 lb.
Total7,250 gp32 lb.

Safe Rest Kit

When your party needs to rest, protect everyone with this kit of cautionary equipment. Barricade yourself in a room by spiking the doors shut. If ghosts or ethereal filchers are a concern, paint the walls, ceiling, and floor with ghostwall shellac to keep out things that go bump in the night.

Bedroll620 gp1 lb.
Ghostwall shellac6900 gp6 lb.
Hammer5sp2 lb.
Iron spike55sp5 lb.
Stone of alarm12,700 gp2 lb.
Waterskin11 gp4 lb.
Total3,622 gp20 lb.

Trapspringer Kit

With a variety of tools for finding and neutralizing common traps, you are well prepared to face any mechanical hazard. Use the dagger to cut through trap parts with ease (especially when dealing with encounter traps; see page 120, Dungeonscape). Feel ahead for pressure plates with the collapsible pole, and send the animals from the bag of tricks ahead to test for traps.

Acid (flask)330 gp3 lb.
Acid neutralizer3150 gp3 lb.
Antitoxin5250 gp-
Bag of tricks, gray1900 gp-
Collapsible pole120 gp8 lb.
Dagger, adamantine13,002 gp1 lb.
Goggles of minute seeing11,250 gp-
Hacksaw, adamantine1600 gp1 lb.
Lockslick2360 gp1 lb.
Rubber ball1030 gp-
Thieves' tools, masterwork1100 gp2 lb.
Total6,692 gp19 lb.

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