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The rare saelas tree (saelas is an Elven word that translates as "wildwood" in Common) produces wood with a peculiar set of qualities. Not only is it extraordinarily flexible for days after harvesting, but items crafted of wildwood regrow after being damaged. At the hands of an armorsmith also skilled in woodworking, wildwood can be crafted into light-weight armor nearly as strong as steel. It is prized by druids, who can wear it without sacrificing their class abilities.
Wildwood armor provides 1 less point of armor bonus than ordinary armor of the same sort. However, the armor's maximum Dex bonus increases by 1, its armor check penalty is reduced by 1 (minimum 0), and its arcane spell failure chance is reduced by 5%. In addition, the wearer of a suit of wildwood armor can ignore its armor check penalty on Hide checks made in areas of undergrowth or heavy undergrowth.
Armor made from wildwood weighs three-quarters as much as the same item made from metal. Armor not primarily made of metal is not meaningfully affected by being partially made from wildwood.

As long as it is exposed to sunlight for at least 1 hour per day, a suit of wildwood armor naturally "heals" 1 point of damage every 24 hours. If it is left to soak in at least one gallon of water while exposed to sunlight for 8 hours, it heals 5 points of damage.
Armor made from wildwood is always of masterwork quality (the masterwork cost is included in the armor's given cost). Wildwood armor costs double what ordinary masterwork armor of the same sort costs, but it takes no longer to make than masterwork armor of that sort. For each Craft (armorsmithing) check required to create a suit of wildwood armor, a Craft (woodworking) check against the same DC is also required (though the same character need not make both checks).
Wildwood has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 6.

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