Armor Description

Netcutter Spikes

The raptorans developed netcutter spikes to help them avoid becoming immobilized in combat. Netcutter spikes are slightly longer than regular armor spikes and have X-shaped cross-sections. Each spike is sharpened along all four edges.
Netcutter spikes function just like armor spikes. In addition, a character proficient with the armor worn gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Strength checks or Escape Artist checks made to escape from a net, a web spell, or a similar entangling effect.
Netcutter spikes cost 200 gp and add 10 pounds to the weight of a suit of armor.
Netcutter Spikes (Exotic Extras)
Cost Armor Bonus Max Dex
AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Base spd
(30 ft.)
Base spd
(20 ft.)
Weight* Source
+200 gp - - - 0% - - +10 lb. Races of the Wild

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