Armor Description


Moon-ivy armor is a close-fitting bodysuit that grows every night and dies at the end of every day. You put on a wreathlike choker before going to sleep. Overnight, a tight but flexible bodysuit of ivy grows over your body. When you awaken, you are wearing a tough, fibrous light armor. Removing the choker causes the moon-ivy armor to wither in 5 rounds.
For an additional 500 gp, one of the following types of ivy can be grafted into the armor.
Poison Ivy: The ivy exudes a poisonous resin. Once per day, if you succeed on a grapple check, your foe must make a Fortitude save (DC 14). If the defender fails, he takes initial and secondary damage of 1d3 points of temporary Constitution. This poison never affects the wearer.
Explosive Spores: The ivy is laced with noxious, explosive spores. Each day, the ivy grows 1d3 spore pods, to a maximum of ten pods. Whenever you are struck in combat with a bludgeoning attack, one of the spores explodes into the space from which the attack came. Anyone in that 5-foot square must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 14) or be nauseated for 1d6 rounds. Once all of a day's spores are exhausted, the effect is inert until the next day. This nausea never affects the wearer.
Pheromones: Once per day, the ivy exudes pheromones that make you seem more attractive. The pheromones grant a +3 bonus on all Charisma-based checks for 3 hours. The bonus doubles to +6 if you attempt to influence a creature with scent, but moon-ivy pheromones do not affect constructs or undead.
Moon-Ivy (Light Exotic Armor)
Cost Armor Bonus Max Dex
AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Base spd
(30 ft.)
Base spd
(20 ft.)
Weight* Source
16,000 gp +4 +6 10% 30 ft. 20 ft. 5 lb. Arms and Equipment Guide

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