Armor Description

Living Coral

Coral armor is heavy and difficult to craft. An expensive alternative is growing a casing of living coral over the wearer. The user wears a medallion crafted from a piece of living reef, from which coral grows to envelop the body. The living coral is tough but not as stony and inflexible as that of an established reef, allowing relatively free movement. It dies at sundown and regrows again at sunup; this process takes about 2 hours. Dark conditions also cause the coral to die, while extended light keeps it alive.
For an additional 500 gp, the following special ability can be grafted onto the coral.
Stinging Polyps: The coral polyps' natural ability to sting prey is enhanced. Once per day, if you get a hold while grappling, the opponent must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.
Living Coral (Medium Exotic Armor)
Cost Armor Bonus Max Dex
AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Base spd
(30 ft.)
Base spd
(20 ft.)
Weight* Source
16,000 gp +6 +3 -4 20% 20 ft. 15 ft. 30 lb. Stormwrack
Additional benefit can be added at a cost of 500 gp.

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