Armor Description


One of the most bizarre-looking of all the armor types, chitin armor is constructed from the shells of giant vermin or similar creatures. For aquatic elves, giant crabs are the most popular sources for chitin armor. Chitin is flexible and can be rather comfortable to wear, especially when the inner surfaces are polished and fitted with padding. Chitin armor is not solely the invention of the aquatic elves; some savage cultures have developed the same type of armor using the bony plates of creatures such as giant scorpions, ankheg, and even remorhaz.
Chitin (Medium Exotic Armor)
Cost Armor Bonus Max Dex
AC Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Base spd
(30 ft.)
Base spd
(20 ft.)
Weight* Source
75 gp +4 +4 -3 30% 20 ft. 15 ft. 20 lb. Races of Faerûn

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