Realms Personalities : Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober

Male moon elf Ftr3/Wiz9: CR 12; Medium-size humanoid (elf); HD 3d10+6 plus 9d4+18; hp 63; Init +8; Spd 30 ft.; AC 18 (touch 16, flat-footed 14); Atk +10/+5 melee (1d8+3/19-20, masterwork longsword) and +11 melee (1d4+3/19-20, +2 dagger) or +13/+8 ranged (1d4+5/19-20, +2 dagger); SQ Elven traits, low-light vision; AL NE; SV Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +10; Str 17, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 17. Height 5 ft. 8 in.

Skills and Feats: Balance +7, Climb +6, Concentration +5, Hide +14, Survival +6, Jump +6, Knowledge (Waterdeep history) +6, Knowledge (Waterdeep local) +6, Listen +8, Profession (brewer) +6, Ride (horse) +7, Search +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +6, Spot +8, Swim +6, Tumble +7, Use Rope +7; Blind-Fight, Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Twin Sword Style, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (dagger), Weapon Focus (longsword).

Special Qualities: Elven Traits: Immune to sleep spells and effects, +2 on saves against enchantment effects, +2 bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.

Wizard Spells per Day: 4/5/5/4/2/1. Base DC = 13 + spell level.

Spellbook: 0-all; 1st-animate rope, burning hands, comprehend languages, feather fall, identify, magic missile, shield, sleep, true strike; 2nd-cats grace, darkness, darkvision, endurance, invisibility, knock, mirror image, resist elements, web; 3rd-dispel magic, fire ball, fly, lightning bolt; 4th-dimension door; 5th-cone of cold. Elaith prefers to use his higher-level spell slots to prepare fireball and lightning spells with the Heighten Spell feat.

Possessions: bracers of armor +2, cloak of elvenkind, +2 dagger, ring of the ram (25 charges), ring of protection +2, masterwork longsword. Rumors have it that Elaith has stashes of other magic items and large sums of money in various places around Waterdeep, including his family's moonblade (a powerful elven heirloom, a magic sword with many special abilities).

Born of a noble family of Evermeet, Elaith was the last of his line when he claimed his family's moonblade. It rejected him, but did not slay him outright. Filled with despair, he left for Waterdeep that day and has not returned to Evermeet since.

Reaching the mainland, Elaith gave in to the cold rage and icy temper that the moonblade sensed within him. Solely interested in his own profit and survival, Elaith gained quite a reputation in the City of Splendors. Tavern tales circulate about various adventuring expeditions he led from which he was the only to return.

Recently, Elaith was struck by a poisoned blade while recovering an elven artifact from the Knights of the Shield. As he lay dying, his thoughts turned to his infant daughter Azariah and what would happen to her after he died. This unselfish turn of thought caused his moonblade's power to awaken, healing him. He stores the moonblade in a safe place until his daughter is ready to claim it, and while he is still ruthless and evil, he avoids situations in which he might get killed, preferring to hire adventurers to do his dirty work. His contacts in all levels of Waterdeep society alert him to unusual events.

Source: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

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