Gray Render (CR 8)

Large Magical Beast
Alignment: Usually neutral
Initiative: +0; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, and Spot +10

AC: 19 (-1 size, +10 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 19
Hit Dice: 10d10+70 (125 hp)
Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed: 30 ft.
Space: 10 ft./10 ft.
Base Attack +10; Grapple +20
Attack: Bite +15 melee
Full Attack: Bite +15 melee, 2 claws +10 melee
Damage: Bite 2d6+6, claw 1d6+3
Special Attacks: Improved grab, rend 3d6+9
Abilities: Str 23, Dex 10, Con 24, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 8
Special Qualities:
Feats: Cleave; Power Attack; Improved Bull Rush; Track
Skills: Hide +2, Spot +10, and Survival +3
Advancement: 11-15 HD (Large); 16-30 HD (Huge)
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground
Organization: Solitary
Treasure/Possessions: None

Source: Monster Manual

Bestial and savage, the gray render is a deadly predator found in remote wilderness areas.

These beasts are thought to be composed of dense muscle and bone, granting them the strength and stamina of a giant. Rangers have reported seeing renders uproot trees 3 feet in diameter with their jaws and tear them into splinters in just minutes.

A gray render stands 9 feet tall, despite its stooped frame, and 4 feet broad. Its hairless skin is a uniform dull gray, and its sloped forehead bears six small yellowish eyes. The mouth is wide and powerful, filled with black teeth.

Gray renders are never found in groups. Each of these asexual creatures produces one offspring and carries it for a time in a pouch, but thereafter the young render must fend for itself.

A unique quality of the gray render is its tendency to bond with, protect, and provide for another creature (or group of creatures) native to its surroundings. This strange behavior seems contrary to its otherwise savage nature, yet gray renders have been found with wolves, lions, horses, displacer beasts, owlbears, unicorns, hippogriffs, and occasionally even humanoid groups. Whether accepted or not, the render always attempts to remain fairly close, watching over its adopted charge(s) and daily bringing an offering of meat. It never willingly harms adopted creatures and retreats if they attack it. Most creatures, however, quickly begin to appreciate having such a powerful ally and accept and even rely on the gray render.


A gray render attacks to kill whether to bring down prey or to protect itself or those it has adopted. When hunting, it sometimes attempts to hide and wait for prey to wander close.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, the gray render must hit with its bite attack.

Rend (Ex): A gray render that gets a hold latches onto the opponent's body and tears the flesh. This attack automatically deals 3d6+9 points of damage.

Skills: Gray renders receive a +4 racial bonus to Spot checks due to their six keen eyes.