Udoroot (CR 5)

Huge Plant
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +0; Senses: blindsight

AC: 14 (-2 size, +6 natural), touch 8, flat-footed 14
Hit Dice: 6d8+18 (45 hp)
Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +3
Speed: 0 ft.
Space: See text
Base Attack +4; Grapple +8
Attack: na
Full Attack: na
Damage: -
Special Attacks/Actions: Psionics
Abilities: Str 3, Dex 10, Con 16, Int -, Wis 13, Cha 9
Special Qualities: Electricity immunity, cold and fire resistance 20, psionics
Advancement: 7-16 HD (Huge); 17-20 HD (Gargantuan)
Climate/Terrain: Temperate and warm forest and underground
Organization: Solitary or patch (2-4)
Treasure/Possessions: 1/2 coins; 50% goods; 50% items

Source: Psionics Handbook

Udoroot crowns grow in a circular pattern, creating a rough circle some 20 feet in diameter. Each crown acts as a separate creature for purposes of combat, allowing the plant to psionically attack up to six times per round. A favorite tactic is creating astral constructs to physically fight for the plant. Once a victim is overcome, the udoroot telekinetically drags the body into the circle (if not already there) to nourish the main plant below. An udoroot can only be killed if its root is dug up or exposed then burned, hacked apart, or otherwise totally destroyed. Severing or psionically disabling all six crowns puts the plant out of commission, allowing excavation of the root. To sever a crown, an opponent must penetrate the woody bark of the stalk (hardness 5) and deal 7 or more points of damage. A severed crown dies and can no longer be used to attack but the udoroot suffers no other penalties. As long as the root system remains intact, the crown regrows in about a month. It is also possible to overcome a crown in psionic combat by reducing any one attribute score to 0; this does not harm the main root or any other crowns, which must be attacked separately.

Blindsight (Ex): Udoroots can ascertain all foes by non-visual means within 30 feet.

Psionics (Sp): At will -- astral construct II, biocurrent, false sensory input, lesser body adjustment, and telekinesis. These abilities are as the powers manifested by a 15th-level psion.

Attack/Defense Modes (Sp): At will -- id insinuation, mind thrust/mental barrier, thought shield.