Slaad, Gormeel (CR 10)

Large Outsider (Lawful)
Alignment: Always lawful neutral
Initiative: +2 (Dex); Senses: scent, Listen +21, and Spot +21
Languages: Slaad

AC: 26 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +15 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 24
Hit Dice: 13d8+78 (136 hp); DR: 10/lawful
Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +11
Speed: 40 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)
Space: 5 ft./10 ft.
Base Attack +13; Grapple +24
Attack: Bite +20 melee, 2 claws +17 melee
Full Attack: Bite +20 melee, 2 claws +17 melee
Damage: Bite 2d8+7, claw 1d6+3
Special Attacks/Actions: Breath weapon, spell-like abilities, trample
Abilities: Str 25, Dex 14, Con 22, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 17
Special Qualities: Change shape, Fast healing 5, immunity to sonics, resistance to acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5
Feats: Alertness; Multiattack; Power Attack; Weapon Focus (bite)
Skills: Balance +13, Bluff +19, Concentration +22, Disguise +13, Knowledge (the planes) +17, Listen +21, Search +17, and Spot +21
Advancement: 14-26 HD (Large); 22-39 HD (Huge)
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground (Limbo)
Organization: Solitary, pair, gang (3-5), or pack (6-10)
Treasure/Possessions: Standard

Source: Dragon #306

Breath Weapon (Su): Once every 1d4 rounds, a gormeel can spew forth a 30-foot cone of raw Limbo material. Any creature caught within its area is subject to some of the effects of uncontrolled Limbo. Roll 1d4 and consult the table below to determine which element is dominant at the time.

RollDom Elem.Effect of Breath Weapon
1Air8d6 points electricity damage
2Earth6d8 points acid damage
3Fire5d10 points fire damage
4Water10d4 points cold damage

Any creature caught within the breath weapon's area takes the damage that corresponds to the dominant element on the table above (Reflex DC 22 half). In addition, a spellcaster who fails his saving throw must make a successful caster level check (DC 15 + spell level) for each spell cast within round of exposure. If the check fails, consult Table 1-1: Wild Magic Effects in the Manual of the Planes for the results of the spell. (If you're not using the Manual of the Planes, use the rod of wonder effects.) A successful save negates this wild magic effect.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will - detect chaos, detect magic, dispel chaos, protection from chaos, see invisibility; 3/day - confusion, dimension door, order's wrath; 1/day - freedom of movement, mislead, word of law. Caster level 14th; save DC 13 + spell level.

Trample (Ex): As a standard action luring its turn each round, a gormeel can trample opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. This attack deals 1d8+10 points of bludgeoning damage. A trampled opponent can attempt either an attack of opportunity at a -4 penalty or a Reflex save (DC 23) for half damage.

Alternate Form (Su): A gormeel can shift between its natural form and that of a githzerai at will, and it can remain in githzerai form indefinitely. This ability is otherwise similar to a polymorph spell (caster level 9th). In its githzerai form, the creature can use weapons and other equipment meant for humanoids. This ability allows gormeels in the company of gith-attala to travel incognito. Thus, many who have encountered githzerai have also met gormeels without being aware of that fact. Gormeel also use this ability to hide from the slaadi that hunt them.

Elemental Affinity (Ex): The gormeel is especially adept at surviving in all elements and enduring all forms of energy damage. Each round, as a free action, it can alter its elemental affinity to adapt to its current environment, choosing any one of the following immunities: air (immune to all air spells and effects, as well as electricity). earth (immune to all earth spells and effects, as well as acid), fire (immune to all fire spells and effects), or water (immune to all water spells and effects, as well as cold). The gormeel can make this change only once per round, and only on its turn,

Fast Healing (Ex): A gormeel regains lost hit points at the rate of 4 per round. Fast healing does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation, and it does not allow the gormeel to regrow or reattach lost body parts.

Outsider Traits: A gormeel has darkvision (60-foot range). It cannot be raised or resurrected.

Scent (Ex): A gormeel can detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

Lawful Subtype

A subtype usually applied only to outsiders native to the lawful-aligned Outer Planes. Most creatures that have this subtype also have lawful alignments; however, if their alignments change, they still retain the subtype. Any effect that depends on alignment affects a creature with this subtype as if the creature has a lawful alignment, no matter what its alignment actually is. The creature also suffers effects according to its actual alignment. A creature with the lawful subtype overcomes damage reduction as if its natural weapons and any weapons it wields were lawful-aligned (see Damage Reduction).