Froghemoth (CR 13)

Huge Aberration (Aquatic)
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +5; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., Listen +5, and Spot +17

AC: 20 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +12 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 20
Hit Dice: 20d8+120 (210 hp)
Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +17
Speed: 20 ft., swim 50 ft.
Space: 15 ft./15 ft. (30 ft. with tongue)
Base Attack +15; Grapple +35
Attack: Tentacle +25 melee
Full Attack: 4 tentacles +25 melee and tongue +23 melee and bite +23 melee
Damage: Tentacles 2d6+12, tongue 1d8+6, bite 2d6+18/18-20
Special Attacks/Actions: Constrict 2d6+12 (tentacle) or 1d8+6 (tongue), improved grab, powerful bite, swallow whole
Abilities: Str 35, Dex 12, Con 23, Int 1, Wis 16, Cha 13
Special Qualities: Amphibious, partial electrical immunity, resist fire 30
Feats: Alertness; Improved Initiative; Improved Natural Attack (tentacle); Iron Will; Great Fortitude; Multiattack; Skill Focus (Hide)
Skills: Hide +7*, Jump +22*, Listen +5, and Spot +17
Advancement: 21-24 HD (Huge), 25-40 HD (Gargantuan), 41-60 HD (Colossal)
Climate/Terrain: Temperate swamp
Organization: Solitary or pair
Treasure/Possessions: None

Source: Dungeon #128

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, the froghemoth must hit with its tentacle or tongue attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and immediately inflicts constriction damage. It can attempt to swallow whole a grappled opponent in the following round.

Powerful Bite (Ex): A froghemoth's jaws are extraordinarily powerful. Even though its bite is a secondary attack, it applies 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier to damage done with its bite. Its bite threatens a critical hit on a natural roll of 18-20.

Swallow Whole (Ex): A froghemoth can try to swallow a grabbed opponent of up to two size categories smaller by making a successful grapple check. Once inside, the victim takes 2d6+12 points of bludgeoning damage plus 1d8+4 points of acid damage per round. A swallowed creature can cut its way out using a light slashing or piercing weapon by dealing 25 points of damage to the froghemoth's stomach (AC 13). Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out.

A Huge froghemoth's stomach can hold 4 Medium, 8 Small, 16 Tiny, 32 Diminutive, or 64 Fine or smaller opponents.

Partial Electrical Immunity (Ex): The froghemoth is partially immune to electrical damage. Each time it would normally take damage from an electrical attack, it takes no damage but is instead slowed for 1 round.

Skills: A froghemoth gains a +16 racial bonus on Jump checks. In swampy terrain it gains a +8 racial bonus on hide checks.

The froghemoth is a terror in battle, charging toward prey with great thunderous bellows. It attacks with its tongue, tentacles, and bite, often splitting these attacks between different targets in a desperate gluttonous attempt to gather up as much food as it can. Stupid to a fault, a froghemoth rarely if ever breaks off combat to escape possible death.

Aquatic Subtype

Creatures with the aquatic subtype always have swim speeds and thus can move in water without making Swim checks. An aquatic creature can breathe underwater. It cannot also breathe air unless it has the amphibious special quality.