Frog, Giant-Tiny (CR 1)

Tiny Animal
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +4 (Dex)

AC: 16 (+4 Dex, +2 size), touch 15, flat-footed 12
Hit Dice: 1d8 (4 hp)
Fort +2, Ref +6, Will -3
Speed: 5 ft., swim 20 ft.
Space: 5 ft./5 ft. (tongue)
Base Attack +0; Grapple -13
Attack: Tongue +6; bite -3
Full Attack: Tongue +6; bite -3
Damage: Tongue -; bite 1d3
Special Attacks/Actions: Tongue grab, swallow whole
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 1, Wis 1, Cha 2
Special Qualities: Hop
Feats: Weapon Finesse (tongue)
Skills: Balance +8, Hide +7, Jump +5, Move Silently +3, and Swim +4
Advancement: -
Climate/Terrain: Marshy or damp areas
Organization: Pack (5-40)
Treasure/Possessions: None

Source: Converted

Tongue grab (Ex): Frogs attack by darting out their very sticky tongues, and then attempting to draw their victim towards their mouths. If a tongue attack successfully hits, it sticks to the victim and the frog attempts to draw it in, reaching the mouth in the following round. Victims can resist the effects of the pull by making a Strength check (DC 14), or may attempt to target the frog's tongue (AC 10). If the tongue is struck, the frog will withdraw it, releasing the victim, although this attack does not physically harm the creature. The frog will not attempt to use its tongue against opponents that have struck its tongue before. If a victim possesses a greater Strength score than the frog, then the victim will not be drawn in to the mouth until the second round after the tongue grab, and a second attack may be aimed at the tongue. Once the victim reaches the frog's mouth, the frog can attack with its hardened maw with a +4 bonus to hit.

Swallow whole (Ex): If a frog scores a critical hit with its mouth, it will swallow victims if they are smaller than the frog. Swallowed opponents will die from the frog's internal juices and suffocation in three rounds. In the mean time, the swallowed victim and his friends may attempt a rescue. The victim may attempt to cut himself free, if a sharp weapon was held when swallowed. The frog's insides are AC 10. A hit will score normal damage, but if a critical hit is gained, the frog's belly will be sliced open, killing the frog instantly and freeing the victim. If the frog is attacked when a foe is inside, blows may damage both frog and victim on a roll of 1-2 on 1d6.

Hop (Ex): When making a Jump skill check, frogs treble the jumping distance attained.

Giant frogs attack initially with their tongues, attempting to snare victims with that sticky member. They can also bite, but cannot do so in the same round as they make a tongue attack.