Fomorian (CR 11)

Huge Giant
Alignment: Usually neutral evil
Initiative: +1 (Dex); Senses: scent, Listen +3, and Spot +21

AC: 21 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +9 natural, +3 hide armor), touch 9, flat-footed 20
Hit Dice: 15d8+90 (157 hp); DR: 5/-
Fort +15, Ref +6, Will +6
Speed: 40 ft.
Space: 10 ft./10 ft.
Base Attack +11; Grapple +31
Attack: Heavy flail +21 melee, or 2 slams +21 melee
Full Attack: Heavy flail +21/+16/+11 melee, or 2 slams +21 melee
Damage: Heavy flail 4d6+18/19-20, slam 1d8+12
Special Attacks/Actions: Trample 2d10+18
Abilities: Str 34, Dex 12, Con 22, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 9
Special Qualities: fast healing 5
Feats: Alertness; Cleave; Great Cleave; Power Attack; Track
Skills: Listen +3, Move Silently +29, and Spot +21
Advancement: By character class
Climate/Terrain: Any mountains and underground
Organization: Solitary, pair, or gang (3-5)
Treasure/Possessions: Standard

Source: Monster Manual II

Trample (Ex): As a standard action during its turn each round, a fomorian can trample opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. This attack deals 2d10+18 points of bludgeoning damage. A trampled opponent can attempt either an attack of opportunity at a -4 penalty or a Reflex A save (DC 29) for half damage.

Fast Healing (Ex): A fomorian regains lost hit points at the rate of 5 per round. Fast healing does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation, and it does not allow the fomorian to regrow or reattach lost body parts.

Scent (Ex): A fomorian can detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

Skills: A fomorian has a +10 racial bonus on Move Silently checks.

Fomorians usually try to sneak up on opponents and hit as hard as they can. If they bother to keep captured opponents alive after combat, it is only for the entertainment they gain from crude torture before eating their fallen foes. Fomorians do not throw or catch rocks as other giants do.

The Fomorian first appeared in S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (Gary Gygax, 1982).