Elder Eidolon Kraken (CR 15)

Gargantuan Construct
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +0
Languages: Cannot speak

AC: 28 (-4 size, +18 natural, +4 deflection), touch 10, flat-footed 28
Hit Dice: 20d10+60 (170 hp); DR: 10/adamantine
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +6
Speed: Swim 20 ft.
Space: 20 ft./15 ft. (60 ft. with tentacle, 30 ft. with arm)
Base Attack +15; Grapple +43
Attack: Tentacle +27 melee
Full Attack: 2 tentacles +27 melee and 6 arms +22 melee and bite +22 melee
Damage: Tentacles 2d8+16/19-20, arms 1d6+8, bite 4d6+8
Special Attacks/Actions: Constrict 2d8+24 or 1d6+24, improved grab, insanity aura
Abilities: Str 42, Dex 11, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha 1
Special Qualities: Construct traits, fast repairs, immunity to magic, otherworldly geometry
Feats: Improved Critical (tentacle)
Skills: -
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: None
Treasure/Possessions: None

Source: Lords of Madness

Constrict (Ex): An eidolon kraken deals 1d6+24 (arm) or 2d8+24 (tentacle) points of damage with a successful grapple check.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, an eidolon kraken must hit a creature with a tentacle or arm attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity. If it wins the grapple, it establishes a hold and immediately deals constrict damage.

Insanity Aura (Su): Any living creature within 10 feet of an eidolon kraken must make a DC 20 Will saving throw each round or become confused for 1 round. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Fast Repair (Ex): An eidolon kraken repairs damage to itself at a rate of 5 hit points per round as long as it is above 0 hit points.

Immunity to Magic (Ex): An eidolon kraken is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance. In addition, certain spells and effects function differently against the creature, as noted below.

Etherealness immediately repairs damage to an eidolon equal to the spell's caster level. Dimensional anchor causes an eidolon to cease functioning for 1 round (treat as if dazed). Dimensional lock does not interfere with an eidolon's operation, but an eidolon that enters the area of a dimensional lock spell or similar effect loses the benefits of its otherworldly geometry and its insanity aura.

A transmute rock to mud spell slows an eidolon (as the slow spell) for 2d6 rounds, with no saving throw, while transmute mud to rock heals all of its lost hit points.

A stone to flesh spell does not actually change an eidolon's structure, but negates its damage reduction and immunity to magic for 1 round.

Otherworldly Geometry (Su): An eidolon kraken's form incorporates what should be impossible geometrics. This grants it a +4 deflection bonus to its Armor Class.

An eidolon kraken strikes opponents with its barbed tentacles, then grabs and crushes them with its arms or drags victims into its huge jaws. An opponent can make sunder attempts against an eidolon kraken's tentacles or arms as if they were weapons. An eidolon kraken's tentacles have 20 hit points, and its arms have 10 hit points. If it's grappling a target with one tentacle or arm, it uses another limb to make its attack of opportunity against the sunder attempt. Severing a tentacle or arm deals damage to the eidolon equal to half the limb's full normal hit points; this damage bypasses the creature's damage reduction. Since an eidolon kraken has fast repair, any damage done to a tentacle or arm repairs at the rate of 5 hit points per round. Severed tentacles or arms regrow in 1d10+10 days.