Cuprilach (Rilmani) (CR 12)

Medium Outsider (Extraplanar)
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Senses: Listen +14 and Spot +14
Languages: Rilmani, Common, Undercommon, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal

AC: 32 (+7 Dex, +15 natural), touch 17, flat-footed 32
Hit Dice: 12d8+60 (114 hp); DR: 10/good or evil or lawful or chaotic
Fort +13, Ref +15, Will +12
Speed: 40 ft., climb 20 ft.
Space: 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Attack +12; Grapple +16
Attack: +2 rapier +21 melee, or +1 speed longbow +20 ranged
Full Attack: +2 rapier +21/+16/+11 melee, or +1 speed longbow +20/+15/+11 ranged
Damage: +2 rapier 1d6+8, +1 speed longbow 1d8+1
Special Attacks/Actions: Sneak attack +3d6, spell-like abilities, summon rilmani, swift strikes
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 24, Con 20, Int 18, Wis 19, Cha 23
Special Qualities: hide in plain sight, Outsider traits, rilmani traits, SR 25, summon rilmani, trap sense, uncanny dodge
Feats: Dodge; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; Rapid Shot; Weapon Finesse
Skills: Balance +12, Bluff +21, Climb +22, Concentration +14, Diplomacy +20, Disguise +16 (+18 acting), Escape Artist +14, Forgery +14, Gather Information +16, Hide +16, Intimidate +18, Jump +14, Listen +14, Move Silently +16, Search +14, Sense Motive +14, Spot +14, Survival +4 (+6 following tracks), and Tumble +16
Advancement: 13-24 HD (Medium-size); 25-36 HD (Large)
Climate/Terrain: Any land or underground (Outlands)
Organization: Solitary or squad (2-8)
Treasure/Possessions: No coins, double goods, standard items

Source: Fiend Folio

Outsider Traits: Rilmani have darkvision (60-foot range), and they cannot be raised or resurrected (though a wish or miracle spell can restore life.

Rilmani Traits: Rilmani are immune to electricity and poison, and they have acid and sonic resistance 20.

Cuprilachs vary what tactics they use depending upon the nature and urgency of their mission. Most cuprilachs prefer simple "seek and destroy" missions that allows them to use their magic to locate a target and get close before unleashing deadly hail of arrows. At other times cuprilachs use their skills to infiltrate an organization or an individual's life, and then they ply their victims with lies to lure the rilmani's foes into a dangerous situation that eliminates them.

A cuprilach can be summoned using a summon monster IX spell.

Change Shape (Su): A rilmani can assume the form of any Small or Medium humanoid.

Sneak Attack (Ex): Anytime a cuprilach's target is denied a Dexterity bonus, or when a target is flanked by a cuprilach, the cuprilach deals an additional 3d6 points of damage on a successful melee attack.

Spell-like Abilities: At will - detect thoughts, knock, locate creature, Melf's acid arrow, misdirection, see invisibility, comprehend languages, detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, detect thoughts, feather fall, sanctuary, tongues; 3/day - dimension door, enervation, mislead, poison. Caster level 12th, save DC 16 + spell level.

Summon Rilmani (Sp): Once per day, a cuprilach can summon 1d3 ferrumachs with a 75% chance of success. On a failure, no rilmani answer the summons. Summoned creatures automatically return whence they came after 1 hour. A summoned rilmani cannot use its own summon ability for 1 hour.

Swift Strikes (Ex): A cuprilach can use a standard action make a full attack, firing all its arrows for the round before one the first hits its mark or stabbing several times with a rapier before a foe has time to recognize it has been struck. This ability makes the cuprilach fiendishly effective in a surprise situation or when it strikes first in a combat, since in can reveal itself and execute a full attack, dealing sneak attack damage with each hit. A cuprilach is fatigued for 1d4 rounds after using the swift strikes ability, and it cannot use the swift strikes ability while fatigued.

Hide in Plain Sight (Su): As long as a cuprilach is within 10 feet of some sort of shadow, in can hide itself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind. It cannot, however, hide in its own shadow.

Trap Sense (Ex): A cuprilach gains a +2 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps, and a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks by traps.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A cuprilach retains its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class even when flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker, and it cannot be flanked except by a rogue 16th level or higher.

Skills: Cuprilachs have a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks and can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.

Extraplanar Subtype

A subtype applied to any creature when it is on a plane other than its native plane. A creature that travels the planes can gain or lose this subtype as it goes from plane to plane. This book assumes that encounters with creatures take place on the Material Plane, and every creature whose native plane is not the Material Plane has the extraplanar subtype (but would not have when on its home plane). An extraplanar creatures usually has a home plane mentioned in its description. These home planes are taken from the Great Wheel cosmology of the D&D game (see Chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). If your campaign uses a different cosmology, you will need to assign different home planes to extraplanar creatures.

Creatures not labeled as extraplanar are natives of the Material Plane, and they gain the extraplanar subtype if they leave the Material Plane. No creature has the extraplanar subtype when it is on a transitive plane; the transitive planes in the D&D cosmology are the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadow.