Caryatid Column (CR 6)

Medium Construct
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +3 (Dex)
Languages: Cannot speak

AC: 22 (+3 Dex, +9 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 19
Hit Dice: 6d10+20 (53 hp)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will -3
Speed: 30 ft.
Space: 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Attack +4; Grapple +9
Attack: +2 bastard sword+12 melee (two-handed), or slam +9 melee
Full Attack: +2 bastard sword +12 melee (two-handed), or +2 bastard sword +12 melee and slam +4 melee, or 2 slams +9 melee
Damage: +2 bastard sword 1d10+9 (two-handed), or +2 bastard sword 1d10+7 and slam 1d4+2, or slam 1d4+7
Special Attacks/Actions: -
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 16, Con -, Int 6, Wis 1, Cha 1
Special Qualities: Break weapon, column form, construct traits, hardness 8, magic weapon
Feats: Improved Sunder; Power Attack; Weapon Focus (bastard sword) (B)
Skills: Diplomacy -3 and Sense Motive +4
Advancement: 7-10 HD (Medium-size); 11-21 HD (Large)
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Solitary, corbel (2), or colonnade (4-24)
Treasure/Possessions: -

Source: Fiend Folio

Break Weapon (Su): A caryatid column is imbued with a supernatural defense against weapon attacks. Whenever a creature strikes a caryatid column with melee weapon, the weapon must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 13) or break and become useless, dealing no damage to the caryatid column. As usual, a magic weapon uses either the wielder's save bonus or its own save bonus, whichever is better. Non-magic ranged weapons automatically shatter upon hitting the caryatid column, dealing no damage. Magic ranged weapons receive a Fortitude save (DC 13) to resist this effect.

Column Form (Ex): When at rest (not commanded, or waiting to fulfill a command), a caryatid column takes the form of a simple column of stone. This column is about 2 feet in diameter, and it extends up to the ceiling of the chamber or to a height of 25 feet, whichever is less. Unless commanded otherwise, a caryatid column remains in this form until attacked, and it even allows creatures to climb it (Climb check DC 15).

A caryatid column in column form looks like a pillar in most respects. It does not radiate magic, and true seeing does not reveal its humanoid form. Careful examination of the column (Search check DC 25) reveals very faint and distorted lines that make the pillar resemble a woman with a sword. Anyone who successfully makes a Knowledge (architecture and engineering) check (DC 12) notes that the column serves no structural purpose since it bears none of the ceiling's weight. A close examination of the top of the column (Search check DC is) or a keen eye (Spot check DC 20) shows that the column is not cemented or joined to the ceiling. Dwarves and other creatures with stonecunning receive a free Search check as though actively looking when they pass within 10 feet of a caryatid column.

Changing forms is a free action, and a caryatid column can change once per round.

Construct Traits: A caryatid column is immune to mind-affecting effects, and to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless it also works on objects. The creature is not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, or death from massive damage. It cannot heal itself but can be healed through repair. It cannot be raised or resurrected. A caryatid column has darkvision (60-foot range).

Hardness (Ex): Like an animated object made of stone, a caryatid column has a hardness of 8.

Magic Weapon: A magic weapon is incorporated into a caryatid column at the time of its creation. This weapon, usually a +2 bastard sword, functions in all respects like a normal magic weapon of its type, with one exception: Whenever it is out of the caryatid column's hands, it reverts to stone and becomes a non-magical sculpture. Should the caryatid column then pick up the weapon, it regains its normal form and magical qualities.

If a caryatid column needs both hands free, it can stow its weapon by simply pressing it against its side; the weapon then merges with the caryatid column's body and can be retrieved by the caryatid column as any character would draw a weapon.

Caryatid columns are typically assigned guard a particular doorway or room against intrusion. Sometimes these instructions are as simple as "Kill anyone but me who enters this room," but caryatid column can understand more complicated instructions such as an order to "Eject anyone who does not perform the proper ritual observances upon entering this room."

Caryatid columns are often placed so that they take fighting form when a target is within reach, allowing the caryatid column to attack with surprise. Upon taking its normal fighting form, a caryatid column fights tirelessly to fulfill the wording of its command to the letter.