Magic Weapon Abilities - Splitting

Any missile fired from a splitting weapon, or an arrow or bolt enchanted with the splitting ability, breaks into two identical missiles before striking the intended target.
V-shaped engravings adorn a splitting weapon or splitting ammunition.
The splitting ability of a ranged weapon (must be a bow, crossbow, arrow, or bolt) only functions if its wielder has the Precise Shot feat.
Any arrow or bolt fired from a splitting weapon magically splits into two missiles in mid-flight. Both missiles are identical, sharing the nonsplitting properties of the original missile; for example, a +1 splitting arrow splits into two +1 arrows in mid-flight. Both missiles strike the same target. Make a separate attack roll for each missile using the same attack bonus.
Aura/Caster Level
Aura: Moderate conjuration (creation)
Caster Level: 7th
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Precise Shot, arrowsplit, +9,000 gp, +720 XP, +18 days; Weight -;
Price: +3 bonus
Champions of Ruin

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