Magic Weapon Abilities - Shiftsilver

Forged in the light of the full moon by mixing silver, steel, and the blood of a willing shifter donor, shiftsilver makes for highly sought-after weapons. Both members of the Way of the Shackled Beast and followers of the Silver Flame seek out shiftsilver weapons. Shiftsilver is pliable and flexible while remaining strong as normal steel. Weapons made of this material possess a mystical ability to find weak points in armor, skidding along the surface and weaving their way into joints or gaps. Shiftsilver weapons bypass silver damage reduction as a silvered weapon and actually deal an extra +2 points of damage to creatures with silver damage reduction.
If a shifter forges her own shiftsilver weapon with her own blood as a component, she gains a permanent +1 bonus on attack rolls with the weapon. Forging a shiftsilver weapon is the same as forging a masterwork silvered weapon, but the work must be done under the light of a full moon and requires a DC 25 Craft (weaponsmithing) check by the person crafting it.
Caster Level:
Requirements: Craft (weaponsmithing) DC 25
Price: Shiftsilver adds +1,500 gp to the cost of a weapon. All shiftsilver weapons are automatically masterwork.
Dragon #355

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