Magic Weapon Abilities - Sacrificial Smiting

Only melee weapons can have this special ability. Useable only by paladins or characters able to smite evil, this good-aligned weapon property allows the wielder to sacrifice some of her own vitality to gain extra uses of smite evil. By accepting one negative level, the wielder can use smite evil on a creature struck by the weapon even if the wielder has expended all her uses of smite evil for the day. For example, Aelryndai Martyr-Sister is a 10th-level paladin with 14 Charisma; even though she has expended all of her own smite evil uses against her enemies today, she can call upon the power of her sacrificial smiting weapon, accept a negative level, and smite again to gain +2 on the attack roll and +9 on the damage roll (normally +10, but 1 lower because of the negative level). The wielder decides at the time of the attack whether to make the sacrifice, instantly applying the effect of the smite and the negative level to her attack roll and damage roll. The negative level gained by this sacrifice lasts for 24 hours, never results in actual level loss, and cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells).
This weapon ability was devised by paladins of Ilmater, and weapons with this ability are sometimes called martyrsmite weapons.
Aura: Moderate evocation [good]
Caster Level: 7th
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be a paladin
Price: +1 bonus
Champions of Valor

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