Weapon Abilities - Resilient*

Adventurers, more than people in any other profession, see the value in durable weapons and armor. Those craftsmen who learn to create items that can stand up to damage as well as normal wear and tear find their skills in high demand, as constant usage can dull and break valuable items. For this reason, many craftsmen take the extra time to create weapons and armor that can stand up to even the most extreme conditions and gain a reputation for producing excellent wares. Weapons and armors with this item quality have 5 more hit points (regardless of the original material they were made from) than standard items of the same type.
Restriction: May be applied to all weapons and armor.
Requirements: Craft Masterwork Armor, Artisan Craftsman
Price: +200 gp; +5 to Craft DC of masterwork component.
Dragon #358

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