Weapon Abilities - Ornate*

Although most soldiers in the field care little for the decorative aspect of a weapon or suit of armor, many craftsmen come to pride themselves on the ability to make an item both utilitarian and beautiful. An ornate weapon or suit of armor brings with it a certain amount of prestige, especially since quality decoration is often a sign of great honor or station. Ornate weapons and armor grant the owner a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy or Intimidate checks (chosen when the weapon or armor is crafted) when wielded or worn in an appropriate setting.
Restriction: May be applied to any weapon or suit of armor.
Requirements: Craft Masterwork Armor, Artisan Craftsman
Price: +400 gp (light), +600 gp (medium and heavy), +500 (weapon); +5 to Craft DC of masterwork component.
Dragon #358

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