Magic Weapon Abilities - Obedient

An obedient weapon can be loosed (requiring a standard action) to attack on its own. It fights independently of its wielder using the base attack bonus of the wielder. It never travels more than 120 feet from its wielder and attacks the target designated until the target falls or moves out of range. The wielder can mentally command the obedient weapon to attack a different target with a standard action or summon the weapon to return to his hand as a free action.
While acting independently of the wielder, the obedient weapon flies at a speed of 90 ft. (good). It has the normal hardness, hit points, and Armor Class of a magical weapon of its type but is considered to be attended by its owner for purposes of saving throws, even if it is attacking independently. A creature must carry the obedient weapon on his person for at least 1 hour to establish the mental link necessary to command the weapon to fight independently, and the obedient weapon obeys only one master at a time.
Caster Level: 15th
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate object
Price: +5 bonus

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