Magic Weapon Abilities - Martial Discipline

A martial discipline enhancement seems worthless in the hands of a wielder not initiated in the use of the discipline's maneuvers, and even to someone with appropriate training, it might appear to be a weak substitute for more traditional enhancements. Yet when used in conjunction with a maneuver from the right discipline, the weapon seems to come alive in the wielder's hands, seeking its target's blood like a living predator.
Martial discipline weapons need not possess any special appearance, but most magic item crafters decorate them with emblems and add special effects relating to their associated disciplines. For example, a +1 Shadow Hand siangham might have black hand emblems that appear on the blade when its wielder swings it. Or a +2 Iron Heart shocking bastard sword might crackle with electricity with even the smallest shift in position and spit a trail of sparks with every swing.
Prerequisite: Anyone can wield a martial discipline weapon, but its greatest benefits are reserved for a wielder who knows and uses maneuvers from the discipline to which the weapon is keyed.
Activation: A wielder who knows a maneuver from the appropriate discipline gains a small bonus on attack roll but to gain the true benefits of a martial discipline weapon, the wielder must use a maneuver from the correct discipline while attacking/
Effect: Each martial discipline weapon is keyed to a particular martial discipline. For someone who doesn't know any maneuvers from that discipline, this property provides no benefit. But when the weapon is wielded by a martial adept who knows at least one maneuver from the associated discipline, the property provides a +1 bonus on attack rolls. And when the wielder is actually using a maneuver from the appropriate discipline, the bonus on attack rolls increases to +3.
A martial discipline weapon can bear multiple martial discipline special abilities, as long as each is keyed to a different discipline. Thus, a martial adept could have a +1 Stone Dragon Shadow Hand greatsword. In the hands of someone who knows maneuvers from both disciplines, such a weapon would provide a +3 bonus on attack rolls. If the wielder were actually using maneuvers from both schools - for example, a Stone Dragon stance with a Shadow Hand strike - it would provide a +7 bonus on attack rolls. Most martial adepts use this extra bonus in conjunction with feats such as Combat Expertise and Power Attack, or with maneuvers that decrease their chances of hitting a foe in exchange for some other benefit.
Aura: Faint evocation.
Caster Level:
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, knowledge of a maneuver from the discipline to which the weapon is keyed.
Price: +1 bonus
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