Magic Weapon Abilities - Kuni Crystal

Made by the Kuni family of the Crab clan, crystal weapons are powerfully enchanted against Shadowlands creatures. When a creature with the Shadowlands Taint is within 30 feet of a Kuni crystal weapon, the weapon glows with a powerful white aura out to a radius of 5 feet x the weapon's enhancement bonus. This aura illuminates the area as bright as a daylight spell, and can keep Shadowlands creatures (including monsters with the Shadowlands descriptor and characters infected with the Shadowlands Taint) at bay. To enter the area of the aura, a Shadowlands creature must win an opposed level check (1d20 + level) against the weapon wielder. To this special level check, the Shadowlands creature adds its Taint score, and the wielder adds the weapon's enhancement bonus. If the weapon's bearer moves so that Shadowlands creature is within the aura, the creature unharmed and no die roll is required.
A crystal weapon deals +2d6 bonus points of holy (good) damage against Shadowlands creatures. It also deals 2d6 points of holy damage to any Shadowlands creature attempting to wield it.
Oni cannot regenerate damage dealt by a crystal weapon, and their damage reduction does not apply to crystal weapons, even if the weapon's enhancement bonus is lower than would normally be required to hit the oni. This ability cannot be added to an existing weapon (such as a samurai's katana) that is not made of crystal.
Note: Mundane weapons made out of crystal, or crystal weapons enchanted (magically or psionically) by means other than the Craft Crystal Weapon feat, have no special properties against Shadowlands creatures.
Caster Level: 7th
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Crystal Weapon, holy smite or jade strike, daylight, creator cannot have any Shadowlands Taint
Price: +3 bonus
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