Magic Weapon Abilities - Hornblade

This special ability was developed by gnomes and halflings to allow them to use larger weapons. In the hands of a halfling or gnome, a hornblade weapon is treated as one size category smaller than its actual size for the purpose of determining if the weapon is light, one-handed, two-handed, or too large to use. For example, a Medium longsword is normally a two-handed weapon for a Small creature, but if it were a hornblade longsword it would be treated as a Small weapon when held by a gnome or halfling, allowing them to wield it one-handed. The weapon is considered a normal weapon of its type for the purpose of feats such as Weapon Focus. The weapon functions normally for anyone other than a gnome or halfling.
Most hornblades are short swords or longswords with curving blades, although in rare cases spears are given this special ability. The first hornblades were crafted from actual animal horns or antlers, and many are decorated with bits of horn or designs that resemble horns.
Caster Level: 10th
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shrink item
Price: +1 bonus
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