Weapon Abilities - Hilt Hollow*

This modification is simply a hollow container hidden inside a weapon, usually in the hilt. Creatures that are unaware of the hollow must make a successful DC 30 Search check to find it. While holding the weapon, you merely press a tiny button hidden on the crosspiece, and the hollow springs open, depositing its contents into your other hand. If your other hand is full, you can simultaneously drop your weapon (as a free action) as the hollow's contents are ejected, leaving you holding them instead of the weapon. Either way, emptying the hollow is a swift action, and loading it is a full-round action.

The hollow is about 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, making it large enough for a single vial of potion. Spellcasters often store material components in hilt hollows, allowing them to eject the components into their hand if they are grappled.
Price: +200 gp

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