Evocation and Alteration
This spell creates nine stars around one of the caster's hands. These magical motes appear as purple winking sparks with writhing darkness at their centers. At the end of the round of casting, the caster can cause these to fly at and attack up to nine visible creatures (dividing up the attacking flight of stars between target creatures as desired). The stars pursue targets to the limits of spell range, flying at 70 ft. per minute, striking with a BAB of +12, with no range penalties.
Poisonstars have no effect on inorganic substance at all, but harm living and undead creatures, as follows: when one strikes, it does 1 point of corrosive damage to living beings, or 2 points to an undead creature.
Living victims must also save vs. poison at -2, or be wracked by waves of nausea, pain, and weakness for 1d4 rounds. This magical venom does no additional hp damage, but during this time, the victim makes all ability checks at -2, launches attacks at -2, and has a 2-point armor class penalty.
The material components of this spell are a drop of poison, a drop of the caster's spittle, and a spark or small flame (which goes out during casting).
* Converted from 2nd Ed.
Range: 90 yards
Sor 2, Wiz 2

From: Campaign Guide to Myth Drannor