Crystal Capacitors

Crystal capacitors store power points that psionic characters can use to pay for manifesting their powers.

Physical Description: A crystal capacitor consists of a core crystal and two or three smaller crystals, arranged on strands of silver wire, in specific positions around it. The crystals give off a faint glow. A typical crystal capacitor weighs approximately 1 pound, has an AC of 7, 10 hit points, a hardness of 8, and a break DC of 16.

Activation: The user must project a command thought to unlock power points stored in a crystal capacitor. This allows the use of the points to manifest psionic powers the user knows.

The maximum number of points a crystal capacitor can store is always an odd number, and is never more than 17. It can never store more power points than its original maximum, set at the time of its creation. Once a crystal capacitor's power points are used up, its crystals dim. However, the user can recharge it by paying power points on a 1-for 1 basis. While this depletes the user's own power point reserve for the day, those power points remain available in the crystal capacitor until used.

A user cannot directly replenish personal power points from those stored in a crystal capacitor, nor can the user draw power points from more than one source to manifest a power or attack/defense mode. See Using Stored Power Points in Chapter 4: Psionics for more information.

Random Generation: To generate crystal capacitor randomly, roll on the Crystal Capacitors table below.

Special Qualities: Roll d%. A 01-25 result indicates the command thought is mentally encoded and whispers itself into the user's mind on acquisition, and 26-100 indicates no special qualities.

Crystal Capacitors
MinorMediumMajorMaximum Power
Point Storage
Market Price
01-10001-40 -1 1,000 gp
-41-74 -3 4,000 gp
-75-8901-395 9,000 gp
-90-9840-597 16,000 gp
-99-10060-699 25,000 gp
- -70-7011 36,000 gp
- -80-8913 49,000 gp
- -90-9515 64,000 gp
--96-1001781,000 gp


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