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The ring of the ram is an ornate ring forged of hard metal, usually iron or an iron alloy It has the head of a ram (or a buck goat) as its device.
The wearer can command the ring to give forth a ram-like force manifested by a vaguely discernible shape that resembles the head of a ram or a goat. This force strikes a single target, dealing 1d6 points of damage if 1 charge is expended, 2d6 points if 2 charges are used, or 3d6 points if 3 charges (the maximum) are used. Treat this as a ranged attack with a 50-foot maximum range and no penalties for distance. The ring is quite useful for knocking opponents off parapets or ledges, among other things.
The force of the blow is considerable, and those struck by the ring are subject to a bull rush if within 30 feet of the ring-wearer. (The ram has Strength 25 and is Large.) The ram gains a +1 bonus to the bull rush attempt if 2 charges are expended, or +2 if 3 charges are expended.
In addition to its attack mode, the ring of the ram also has the power to open doors as if it were a character with Strength 25. If 2 charges are expended, the effect is equivalent to a character with Strength 27. If 3 charges are expended, the effect is that of a character with Strength 29.
A newly created ring has 50 charges. When all the charges are expended, the ring becomes a nonmagical item.

Caster Level: 9th
Prerequisites: Forge Ring, bull's strength, telekinesis
Market Price: 8,600 gp.

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