Deck Of Many Things

PlaqueTarot CardPlaying CardEffect
BalanceXI. JusticeTwo of spadesChange alignment instantly.
CometTwo of swordsTwo of diamondsDefeat the next monster you meet to gain one level.
Don jonFour of swordsAce of spacesYou are imprisoned (see above).
EuryaleTen of swordsQueen of spades-1 penalty to all saving throws henceforth.
The FatesThree of cupsAce of heartsAvoid any situation you choose... once.
FlamesXV. The DevilQueen of clubsEnmity between you and an outsider.
Fool0. The FoolJoker (with trademark)Lose 10,000 experience points and you must draw again.
GemSeven of cupsTwo of heartsGain your choice of twenty-five pieces of jewelry or fifty gem
IdiotI. The jugglerAce of clubsLose Intelligence (permanent drain). You may draw again.
JesterXII. The Hanged ManJoker (without trademark)Gain 10,000 XP or two more draws from the deck.
KeyV. The HierophantQueen of heartsGain a major magic weapon.
KnightPage of swordslack of heartsGain the service of a 4th-level fighter.
MoonXVIII. The MoonQueen of diamondsYou are granted 1d4 wishes.
RogueFive of swordslack of spadesOne of your friends turns against you.
RuinXVI. The TowerKing of spadesImmediately lose all wealth and real property.
SkullXIII. Deathlack of clubsDefeat Death or be forever destroyed.
StarXVII. The Starlack of diamondsImmediately gain a ,-2 inherent bonus to one ability.
SunXIX. The SunKing of diamondsCain beneficial medium wondrous item and 50,000 XP.
TalonsQueen of pentaclesTwo of clubsAll magic items you possess disappear permanently.
ThroneFour of stavesKing of heartsGain 6 ranks in Diplomacy plus a small keep.
VizierIX. The HermitAce of diamondsKnow the answer to your next dilemma.
The VoidEight of swordsKing of clubsBody functions, but soul is trapped elsewhere

General Artifacts

Magic in the Realms