Magic Armor Abilities - Swarmguard

Any armor with this special ability protects its wearer from the hundreds of bites or stings that result from being overrun by a swarm of creatures.
Swarmguard armor is precisely crafted with a bare minimum of gaps between pieces. Delicate script is engraved around each seam that is absolutely necessary, warding it against intrusion by the tiniest of vermin. When exposed to a swarm attack, the script glows bright red, blocking creatures that try to penetrate the armor's defenses.
The swarmguard ability activates automatically when a creature of the swarm subtype enters your space. No action on your part is required.
You gain damage reduction 5/ to the swarm attack ability of any creature of the swarm subtype. You gain a bonus on Fortitude saving throws and on Concentration checks to resist a swarm's distraction ability. This bonus is equal to the armor bonus of the armor you are wearing.
Aura: Moderate abjuration
Caster Level: 7th.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms And Armor, Repel Vermin.
Price: +1 bonus

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