Armor Abilities - Reinforced*

One of the most challenging qualities to apply to a suit of armor, reinforcement is also one of the most highly sought after. Few craftsmen can ever perfect the technique. Reinforcing a suit of armor effectively changes the armor's value, often making what some would consider lesser armor into something significantly more useful. By lining the armor with toughened leather, small metal plates, or other hardened material, the armorsmith provides a little extra defense without compromising flexibility. Armor with this item quality increases its armor bonus by +1, but it weighs 10% more (minimum 2 pounds).
Restriction: May only be applied to armor.
Requirements: Craft Masterwork Armor, Artisan Craftsman
Price: +800 (light), +1,000 gp (medium), +1,200 gp (heavy); +10 to Craft DC of masterwork component.
Dragon #358

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