Magic Armor Abilities - Gnashing

Armor with this property bites at a foe that grapples you. A character who makes a DC 20 Knowledge (history) check knows that the first suit of gnashing armor was created by the human cleric Ferstal, a worshiper of Tiamat. Her suit of gnashing full plate featured carvings of dragon heads.
This armor has images of many different faces carved into it. The visages show expressions of vicious cruelty. One bares its clenched teeth in a snarl; another's mouth is open as if to bite. In most cultures, gnashing armor is crafted to look like the region's main terrors: devils, demons, mythological creatures, or popular local or regional villains. For instance, gnashing armor made by humans living in the Nelanther Isles would show scarred and vicious reavers or fearsome ogres.
A suit of gnashing armor automatically bites any opponent that is grappling the wearer. When the wearer of a suit of gnashing armor is grappling, the carvings of faces animate and begin to bite, striving to tear at the opponent. The suit deals 1d6 points of damage to each grappling foe. The damage is considered piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning.
Aura: Strong transmutation
Caster Level: 11th.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Animate Objects, variable gp, variable XP, variable days (depending on the armor being improved).
Price: +1 bonus
Champions of Ruin

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