Magic Armor Abilities - Durable

To protect their valuable magic armor, many fighters add this special ability to guard against familiar dungeon hazards.
Durable armor is coated with special substances that repel caustic attacks. The surface of the armor is slick to the touch, indicating the special magical and alchemical treatments applied during its manufacture.
The effects of durable armor automatically come into effect when needed. No action on the wearer's part is required.
Durable armor has immunity to special attacks that would cause it to dissolve or rust, including the effects of Rusting Grasp and the touch of black puddings, gray oozes, and rust monsters. Durable armor takes no damage from green slime or from acid, though it does not extend this protection to the wearer.
Aura: Moderate abjuration
Caster Level: 7th.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms And Armor, Protection From Energy
Special: Only metal armors can have this special ability.
Price: +500 gp.

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