Cities and Sites of Thay

Thay is a large and long-settled country. Its great plateau is covered with towns, settlements, and villages, as well as a number of major cities. The cities of Thay are crowded and dirty, mostly because great portions of the population - the slaves and their humanoid guards - live in filth and squalor. The poor and enslaved live in little better than hovels made of adobe.

The wealthy and the powerful inhabit a completely different world. Their sprawling villas are surrounded by walled gardens designed not only to provide privacy but also to keep out the noises and smells of the city. These brick or stone buildings are often several stories high, emphasizing the fact that the powerful in Thay are above the rabble physically as well as metaphorically.

Amruthar (Metropolis)

The city of Amruthar is independent of Thay, despite the fact that it sits in the middle of the tharch of Lapendrar. Four hundred-years ago, when the Red Wizards launched their overthrow of Mulhorandi rule, a powerful satrap named Sekhotet governed the southwestern sector of the province, ruling from this city. Sekhotet desired to govern his lands without answering to a pharaoh in Skuld, so he threw in with the wizards, aiding and abetting their rebellion. The price Sekhotet asked was a free hand to rule Amruthar as he liked. Sekhotet's line has long since died out, but the zulkirs have honored the letter of their agreement with the Mulhorandi lord's successors.

Amruthar may still be independent, but it's commonly known that its current ruler, Hierarch Numos Thal (LE male human Ari9), is merely a puppet of the zulkirs. He and the rest of the aristocracy of the city are well paid for their complacency, and in turn, they surrender a portion of all financial transactions made in the city to Thay. The arrangement has worked well for centuries, and neither the hierarch nor the zulkirs see any reason to change it.

This is not true for many of Amruthar's citizens, though. Three factions vie for the chance to lead the people in a revolution against their corrupt and decadent leaders. The largest group is known as the Realists. They wish to depose the hierarch while maintaining the city's relationship with Thay. They know that their city could never stand against the forces of the Red Wizards, so their leaders curry favor with the zulkirs. In truth, if the zulkirs have a falling out with the hierarch, they'd be happy to let the Realists take over, but that day isn't here yet.

The members of the second-largest faction are known as Independents. They want to sever all ties with Thay and transform Amruthar into a true city-state. The Independents realize that Thay would have a problem with this, but they hope the old agreement of Sekhotet and Thay's current prosperity might dissuade the zulkirs from seizing the city by force of arms. In the meantime, they advocate the quiet growth of Amruthar's military and economic might, hoping to strengthen the city for the eventual break.

The smallest faction call themselves the Westerners. They wish to join Aglarond, bringing their city under the protection of another land. The zulkirs would never allow this, of course, and while the Simbul is sympathetic to Amruthar's plight, she is not prepared to commit herself to fight a war on Amruthar's behalf. Aglarond has traditionally excelled at defending its borders, but even the most rabid Thay-haters in Velprintalar do not think it possible to fight the Red Wizards on the Plateau of Thay and win. Hierarch Thal is anxious to stamp out any public debate along these lines, fearing that the Westerners in their folly might provide the zulkirs with the excuse to end Amruthar's special independence.

Amruthar (Metropolis): Conventional/magical/nonstandard/nonstandard; AL LE/NE/N/CN; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 205,200,000 gp; Population 41,040; Mixed (human 80%, half-elf-8%, halfling 6%, half-orc 4%, gnome 1%, elf 1%).

Authority Figures: Hierarch Numos Thal, LE male human Ari9 (hereditary ruler of the city, and a puppet of the Red Wizards); Hezass Nymar, NE male human ClrS of Kossuth (the tharch of Lapendrar; he lives in Eltabbar, but maintains offices in Amruthar); Timbra Wenz, N female human Ari14 (leader of the Realists); Purtek Friina, CN male human Rog6/Ftr4 (leader of the Independents).

Important Characters: Yesvel Rethume, LN female human Sor16 (the city's foremost arcane spellcaster); Tharek the Black Shield, LE male half-fiend Clr13 of Bane (leader of the city's House of the Black Lord); Orimel Drudaryn, CG female half-elf rogue 5/fighter 5/Aglarondan griffonrider 4 (an Aglarondan spy who keeps an eye on developments in Amruthar at the Simbul's orders).

City Guard: Ftr7, Ftr6, War6, Ftr5 (2), War5 (5), Ftr4 (3), War4 (7), Ftr3 (9), War3 (21), Ftr2 (23), War2 (76), Ftr1 (44), War1 (307); Hierarch's Guard: Ftr9, Clr8, Ftr7, War6, Clr5, Ftr5 (3), War5 (4), Clr4 (2), Ftr4 (5), War4 (30), Clr3 (4), Ftr3 (18), War3 (129). The rest of Amruthar's citizens are too numerous to describe here.

Bezantur (Metropolis)

Eltabbar may be the capital of Thay, but Bezantur has long been the commercial center of the realm. The city is the capital of the tharch of Priador and is the largest port in the Red Wizards' domain. For centuries, Thayan cotton, fruit, and grain flowed through Bezantur, enriching the masters of the city and the tharchion, but the wealth pouting in now is unimaginable. To Bezantur flow the gold, goods, and slaves exchanged in dozens of Thayan enclaves across the Sea of Fallen Stars, so it is not only the largest city in Thay but by far the wealthiest.

Black-walled Bezantur squats on the northern shore of the Alamber Sea. Artisans, merchants, priests, and soldiers live crammed within its walls, while beyond sprawls an immense and squalid shantytown of commoners and slave pens. No tree grows within twenty miles of the city; great shipyards even larger than those of the Alaor lie along the shore beyond its walls, employing hundreds of carpenters and shipwrights and thousands of slaves. On the eastern side of the city, within newly built walls even higher and stronger than the city's own, stands the Guild of Foreign Trade, the heart of Thay's sinister enterprise to enslave the West through commerce.


The Central Citadel

This heavily fortified structure is one of Bezantur's most notable landmarks, dominating the city center. Made of hewn black stone stacked tall enough to be seen from any place in the city, the Central Citadel is the first building visible to people approaching Bezantur, even before the low shanties mounded up against the outside of the wall like rats nesting.

The citadel houses the legion of Aznar Thrul (zulkir of evocation and tharchion of the Priador) as well as his own luxurious private quarters. These armed forces include nearly 5,000 gnolls, humans, goblins, darkenbeasts, and creatures even more foul.

The previous tharchion - who most believe to be long dead - secretly lives here as well. Mari Agneh has been bent entirely to Thrul's will, and he keeps her as a private slave, occasionally trotting her out at his most debauched private parties to demonstrate his power. Thrul is fond of magical experimentation, and he keeps a number of well-stocked laboratories here, as well as dungeons filled with fresh victims for his trials.

The Guild Of Foreign Trade

Thay's foreign enclaves are administered through the Guild of Foreign Trade, headquartered in a vast complex of warehouses, vaults, and fortress-like offices dominating the eastern end of Bezantur's harbor. The Guild has existed for hundreds of years, issuing licenses to Thayans wishing to import or export goods, but in the last twenty years, its sponsorship of mercantile enclaves dealing in magic items has catapulted the Guild from a small, corrupt bureaucracy to a vast, corrupt, state-sponsored industry. The guild is naturally obsessed with the safety of its valuable merchandise, and its vaults are guarded by hundreds of wizards, skilled warriors, and monstrous creatures. Thousands of laborers and slaves toil at its docks and warehouses, loading and unloading the yellow-sailed dromonds that carry the output of magic workshops to Thayan concessions and quarters across the Inner Sea. The dromonds return even more heavily laden than they were when they set out, since most of the goods exchanged for Thayan magic items are bulkier and heavier than a cargo of potions, scrolls, and wondrous items.

The Master of the Guild of Foreign Trade is a brilliant Red Wizard named Samas Kul (LE male human Tra7/Red8). Ambitious and cynical, Samas Kul is known for his acidic sarcasm and urbane manner. He is a tall, corpulent man who flaunts his wealth shamelessly, bedecking himself with gem-studded robes and rings worth thousands of gold pieces. Some of Samas Kul's colleagues have mistakenly dismissed him as a money-grubbing merchant in red robes, but the Master of the Guild is a wizard of no small skill and stands high in the ranks of the school of transmutation.

Notable Businesses

Hundreds of artisans, merchants, and laborers fill Bezantun's commercial districts. The most important pant of the city's economy, however, are the docks that run the length of the city's shore. Hundreds of ships from every land on the Sea of Fallen Stars are moored to these stone quays or rock gently at anchor in the bay beyond, waiting for their turn to tie up and take on cargo.

The docks range widely in quality and safety. Some rival the finest in the world; others amount to a rocky patch of shore where one might shove a rowboat. No matter where a ship's master moors, however, she can expect to be charged for the privilege. In the better parts of town, the docking fee earns her top-level service and protection from the ever-emboldened members of the local thieves' guild. In the worst parts, she is essentially paying the local thugs not to rob her. If they keep anyone else from robbing her too, so much the better.

A traveler can find just about any kind of legitimate merchandise imaginable within the city's walls. For those in search of something less legitimate, Tharchion Thrul has long turned a blind eye toward any dealings in Market Town, a cluster of shacks that cozy up against the city's mighty walls like remoras near a shark's gills.

Major Temples

One of Bezantur's many nicknames is "the City of in Thousand Temples." Just about every god in every pantheon on the face of Faerûn is represented here. This is one of the few major cities in which evil deities are worshiped proudly and openly, and some of their most magnificent temples are in Bezantun. Only the patronage of Mystra and Azuth is forbidden; the Red Wizards jealously guard access to arcane knowledge by any means outside of their own tutelage. The most popular gods among Bezantur's people are Umberlee and Mask.

The Temple of Umberlee is monstrously large, carved from massive blocks of blue-veined green marble, reminiscent of the watery domain of the goddess of the deep. Traditionally, Umberlee is honored with wealth thrown from a ship's railing into the waters of the open sea. The people of Bezantur have refined this a bit. Instead, they rob the captains of ships, throw some of their ill-gotten gains in the water, pocket some of it for themselves, and bring the remainder to this temple. Those who brave the shark-, sahuagin-, and monster-infested waters of Bezantur's harbor to gather loot offered up to the Bitch Queen invariably suffer death by drowning, no matter how far from the sea they flee.

The Temple of Mask doubles as the headquarters of the extremely powerful thieves' guild. Its leader, Guildmistress Shabella the Pale (NE female human Rog7/Clr11 of Mask), struggles to maintain her position against an incursion by the Shadowmastens of Telflamm. The guild here controls nearly all of the illegal activities in and around Bezantur, making it too juicy a target for the Shadowmasters to pass up. The thieves in the city are choosing sides, and an alarming number have thrown in their lot with the Theskians, weary of Shabella's tyranny.

Bezantur (Metropolis): Magical/magical/nonstandard/nonstandard; AL LE/LE/CE/NE; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 684,000,000 gp; Population 136,800; Mixed (human 81%, gnoll 8%, orc 6%, half-orc 3%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Aznar Thrul (LE male human Evo10/Red10/Acm1/Epic2 (zulkir of evocation and tharchion of the Priador); Samas Kul, LE male human Tra7/Red8 (Master of the Guild of Foreign Trade); Alyssa, CE female human Clr12 of Umberlee (high priestess of the Temple of Umberlee); Shabella the Pale, NE female human Rog7/Clr11 of Mask (Guildmistress of the Temple of Mask).

Important Characters: Autharch Ithrash, LE male human Ftr9/Rog4/Blk4 (commander of Aznar Thrul's legion and the city guard); Thavar Shom, CE male human shadow-walker rogue 9/fighter 2/Telflammar shadowlord 4 (leader of the Shadowmasters moving into the city).

Aznar Thrul's Legion: Ftr16, Ftr15, Ftr14 (2), War14 (3), Ftr13 (2), War13 (4), Ftr12 (3), War12 (4), Ftr11 (3), War11 (6), Ftr10 (4), War10 (8), Ftr9 (6), War9 (9), Ftr8 (6), War8 (11), Ftr7 (6), War7 (16), Ftr6 (9), War6 (19), Ftr5 (21), War5 (11), Ftr4 (35), War4 (141), Ftr3 (44), War3 (420), Ftr2 (77), War2 (1,001), Ftr1 (173), War1 (786), gnolls without class levels (1,950); Militia: War5 (43), War4 (122), War3 (386), War2 (955), War1 (2,940). The rest of Bezantur's citizens are too numerous to describe here.

The Citadel

The Citadel was already carved into the peak of one of the highest mountains in the Thaymount when the first humans explored this strange and marvelous region. The identity of the place's original owners has been lost in the swirls of time, but murals and carvings found in its lowest halls depict an advanced lizardfolk civilization destroyed so long ago as to be forgotten. It's possible that the lizardfolk of the Surmarsh are descendants of this ancient people, but if so, their fall from grace was particularly hard. The primitive lizardfolk wouldn't have the first idea how to go about creating such an amazing place.

The Citadel - not to be confused with the dozens of lesser citadels scattered about the country - has long been off-limits to the Thayan people. Foreigners are not even supposed to be told of its existence. In earlier years, the Red Wizards sent expeditions into the place to explore as much of it as they could. Some returned with treasure, including gold, artwork, and even powerful magic items. However, more often than not, the parties of explorers never returned at all. Those brave (or simply lucky) souls who did return spoke of a vast network of tunnels beneath the mountain, infested with the more notorious subterranean races, including troglodytes and drow.

One of the more successful ventures retrieved a tome that describes the lower levels of the Citadel in detail: A portion of the place, known as the Paths of the Doomed, is a maze of tunnels occupied by all sorts of monsters. How they got there and why they stay remains a mystery to this day. Zulkir Szass Tam has confiscated the book for his own studies, and few outside of his direct circle of peers - the other zulkirs - have ever actually seen it, much less read from it.

Today, only a select few of the most prominent Red Wizards are permitted anywhere near the known entrances to the Citadel. Whether the zulkirs are trying to keep intruders out or keep something even more dangerous in, only they can say.

Ruins of Delhumide

Delhumide (the city, not the tharch named after it) was the provincial capital back when Thay was just another part of the Mulhorandi Empire. When the Thayans rebelled against Mulhorand in 922 DR. they summoned a number of demons to help them in their quest for freedom. These creatures razed the once-proud city to the ground, removing the largest symbol of Mulhorandi might forever from the face of Thay.

Today, no structure in the ruins of Delhumide stands taller than one story high. However, the labyrinthine tunnel system that ran beneath the old city remains intact. Rumor has it that the subterranean depths are filled with dangerous creatures, including demons that evaded the Red Wizards' attempts to dismiss them back to the Abyss after the evil creatures had outlived their usefulness.

Tharchion Metron has little interest in exploring the ruins, despite the rumors of great treasure that have surrounded them since their creation. His predecessor lost his life in just such an expedition, despite Metron's warning not to go. So far, the unusual Thayan peace has been good to the tharch of Delhumide, and Metron has no desire to tamper with what has been working for him. If times get tough, though, he may become desperate enough to poke around in the rubble for something that can solidify his position. In the meantime, the ruins of Delhumide are a common destination for adventurers of all stripes. Metron has come up with a clever scheme to put this to his advantage. The patrols within Metron's tharch are under orders to keep track of out-landers heading into Delhumide - or any of the other nearby ruins, for that matter. Once the intruders enter, the patrols call for help, then surround the ruins and wait for the adventurers to emerge. In this way, Metron gets adventurers to do the dangerous work of rummaging around in the underground chambers, while he reaps the ill-gotten fruits of their labors.

Some captured groups of adventurers are sent into the ruins time and time again. They are permitted to live as long as they continue to bring back treasure and magic items. Those who fail to do so are executed on the spot. Still, many desperate souls find this preferable to reentering the tortured ruins.

Eltabbar (Metropolis)

The second-largest city in Thay, Eltabbar is the country's capital. Getting around can be difficult for an stranger without a guide, for maps of the city are forbidden to anyone who is not a Red Wizard. This odd law is a holdover from the days when Eltabbar's streets formed a massive diagram imprisoning the demon lord Eltab. The River Eltar flows through the city in an elaborate series of canals before meeting Lake Thaylambar, which the city overlooks. These canals were also part of the magical prison that held Eltab beneath the city, but the Abyssal creature escaped after an earthquake rocked the region a few years back. There are rumors that a demon resides in this prison once again, but no one knows whether the prisoner is Eltab or some other evil monster.

The ruler of Eltabbar is Tharchion Dmitra Flass (LE female human Ill17/Red8). Of all the tharchions and zulkirs, she is by far the most diplomatic. Without her considerable skills, the zulkirs might have fallen into open civil war long ago. (Szass Tam's intimidating style of rulership might work well with most Thayans, but his fellow zulkirs aren't so easily impressed.) Eltabbar is also the capital of its home tharch, a long stretch of land that wraps around the northern side of Thaymount. Flass is often too busy with intrigues at home to worry about the rest of the tharch, but she makes up for it with relatively enlightened methods of governing.

Eltabbar is the center of the nation's slave trade, as well as its political center. Thousands of slaves are brought into the markets here every year and auctioned off in the bloodstained public blocks. Once dispatched to their new assignments, most can look forward to at best a few months of backbreaking labor followed by a quick death.

Eltabbar (Metropolis): Magical/conventional/conventional/nonstandard; AL NE/LE/LE/LN; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 615,600,000 gp; Population 123,120; Mixed (human 83%, gnoll 8%, orc 7% half-orc 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Szass Tam, NE male lich Nec10/Red10/Acm2/Epic7 (zulkir of necromancy and the most powerful of the zulkirs); Dmitra Flass, LE female human Ill17/Red5 (tharchion of Eltabbar); Dipren Qarto, LE male human Ftr16 (leader of the city guard); High Flamelord Iphegor Nath, LN male human Clr13/Dis4 of Kossuth (leader of Kossuth's faith in Thay).

Important Characters: Kwinset Tanzirk, LE female human Wiz6/Red6 (administrator of the slave market); Bilhar Sentolan, NE male human Rog13/Asn4 (master of the thieves' guild).

City Guard: Ftr14, War14, War13, Ftr12, War12 (2), Ftr11 (2), Ftr10 (2), War10 (3), Ftr9 (4), War9 (4), Ftr8 (5), War8 (8), Ftr7 (6), War7 (11), Ftr6 (8), War6 (14), Ftr5 (11), War5 (38), Ftr4 (20), War4 (102), Ftr3 (31), War3 (336), Ftr2 (54), War2 (814), Ftr1 (128), War1 (635), gnolls without class levels (1,633); Militia: War4 (96), War3 (329), War2 (716), War1 (2,044). The rest of Eltabbar's citizens are too numerous to describe here.

Escalant (Large city)

This coastal city, situated on the west bank of the mouth of the River Lapendrar, has been under intermittent Thayan control for the past 338 years. The most recent break came during the time of the Great Inner Sea Plague, but the Thayans returned to the region in 1357 DR. and they have ruled over Escalant continuously ever since.

Escalant was first settled around 400 DR. Today, the city sprawls beyond the cramped limitations of the crumbling wall long ago thrown up around the place. Over 28,000 souls call this city home, making it second in importance only to Bezantur as a Thayan port. Tharchion Hezass Nymar (NE male human Clr8 of Kossuth) allows life in Escalant to continue without much interference from Thay, other than the collection of taxes from the citizens. To that end, Nymar has stationed throughout the city several barracks of one hundred gnolls each. These Thayan brutes patrol the streets, occasionally taking the time to make an example out of some criminal or - worst of all - tax cheat.

Escalant (Large City): Magical/magical/nonstandard; AL NE/NE/CN; 40,000 gp limit; Assets 57,456,000 gp; Population 28,728; Mixea (human 82%, gnoll 5%, half-elf 5%, half-orc 5%, halfling 2%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Hezass Nymar, NE male human Clr8 of Kossuth (tharchion of Lapendrar, lives in Eltabbar but has offices here); Curoz Falblat, NE male human Clr12 of Bane (leader of the largest temple of Bane in Thay); Purban Faltelfowe, CN male halfling Rog16 (leader of the Shadowmasters in Escalant).

Important Characters: Captain Kriben Vantur, LE male human Ftr16 (captain of the Tharchion's Guard); Helvarmad Elserme, CG male human Ftr4/Brd8 (an agent of the Simbul's Guard posing as a minor merchant to keep an eye on events in the city).

Tharchion's Guard: Ftr12, War11, War10, Ftr9, Ftr8, War8, Ftr7, War7 (2), Ftr6 (3), War6 (4), Ftr5 (4), War5 (10), Ftr4 (6), War4 (24), Ftr3 (9), War3 (70), Ftr2 (22), War2 (164), Ftr1 (53), War1 (497), gnolls without class levels (620); Militia: War4 (11), War3 (38), War2 (98), War1 (344). The rest of Escalant's citizens are too numerous to describe here.

Nethentir (Small Town)

Nethentir is the sister city of Nethjet, which is situated on the other side of Lake Umber's Like Nethjet, it was historically a launching point for invasions against Thesk or the Aglarondan city of Emmech. However, Nethentir has not enjoyed the recent booming prosperity of Nethjet. While it has a port, no roads lead into the town. Still, some merchants forge their own overland paths from Thesk and beyond. The captains of Nethentir spend a great deal of their time ferrying goods back and forth from Nethjet to their homeport, but that's about as far as most of them go.

This has built up some resentment on the part of the citizens of Nethentir. However, many of them are just as happy not to have the increased attention of the Red Wizards that comes along with such wealth.

Nethentir (Small Town): Magical; AL NE; 800 gp limit; Assets 74,880 gp; Population 1,872; Mixed (human 82%, gnoll 8%, orc 6%, half-orc 2%, halfling 2%).

Authority Figures: Prindentle Carh, NE male human Div6/Red4 (autharch of the town).

Important Characters: Kurgga Bloodfang, NE female gnoll Rgr4/Ftr4 (captain of the guard); Faxam Rul, CE male human fighter 4/rogue 4/Thayan slaver 5 (notorious raider of Thesk and lands beyond).

Town Guard: War8, Ftr6, Ftr4, War4 (2), Ftr3 (2), War3 (6), Ftr2 (4), War2 (24), Ftr1 (7), Wan (60); Militia: War5, War2 (6), Com2 (6), War1 (23), Com1 (14); Other Characters: Bbn4, Bbn3 (2), Bbn2 (3), Bbn1 (6); Brd6, Brd5, Brd3, Brd2 (2), Brd1 (3); Clr7, Clr6, Clr4, Clr3 (3), Clr2 (4), Clr1 (5); Drd6, Drd3, Drd2; Ftr7, Ftr3, Ftr1 (2); Mnk5, Mnk1 (2); Rgr6, Rgr4, Rgr2 (2), Rgr1 (4); Rog7, Rog4, Rog1 (4); Sor4, Sor2, Sor1; Wiz8, Wiz7, Wiz4, Wiz3 (3), Wiz2 (4), Wiz1 (51; Adp3, Adp2 (2), Adp1 (9); Ari5, Ari4 (2), Ari3 (2), Ari2 (4), Ari1 (7); Exp9, Exp6, Exp5, Exp4 (3), Exp3 (4), Exp2 (8), Exp1 (49); War5, War4, War2 (3), War1 (2); Com7 (2), Com6, Com5 (2), Com4 (4), Com 3 (9), Com2 (20), Com1 (1,494).

Nethjet (Large Town)

This once-sleepy lake town used to be little more than the spot where the Eastern Way dead-ended at Lake Umber. Grain ships bound for Impiltur and other northerly lands took on their loads here, but for the most part, Nethjet saw little action except as the occasional launching point of yet another invasion into Aglarond by way of the Umber Marshes. Today, however, the tiny port here hustles with activity.

While most of Thay's magic goods are exported through the great port of Bezantur on the southern coast, the growing trade in magic has opened up new markets for the country's older commodities, including cotton, fruit, and grain. The new Thay sends a great deal of traffic down the Umber, and Nethjet is the natural port for most ships that come and go from the region. Goods that travel the Umber into the Sea of Dlurg avoid the long and sometimes treacherous trip around the western tip of the Aglarondan peninsula.

Tharchion Nymar maintains a small palace in the center of the town, although he rarely travels to this sleepy corner of his tharch. In the past, he mostly used it as a base of operations to oversee the buildup and deployment of Thayan forces along the Aglarondan border. These days, he's more interested in the proper collection of taxes from the travelers passing through this now-booming port.

Heroes and Monsters

Thay is home to misbegotten monstrosities and sinister villains. The Red Wizards have bred horrible creatures for their nefarious purposes over the centuries, and the dungeons and pits of Thay are filled with their handiwork. In addition to monsters, Thay is also home to characters with abilities and skills found nowhere else in Faerûn. Many are unrepentant villains who flourish in Thay's evil society, but others leave their forbidding homeland to seek adventure elsewhere in Faerûn, and a few take up the dangerous, almost hopeless, struggle to bring about true and lasting change in their native land.

Humans are the most common race in Thay. Folk of other races such as dwarves, elves, or halflings simply don't exist except as slaves, and their lot is grim. Half-orcs, fire genasi, and tieflings are not uncommon, and the Thayans are reasonably open-minded about folk of such parentage, especially if they have Mulan blood in their veins.

Lands of Faerûn