The Uthgardt Barbarians

The Uthgard barbarians are a black-haired, blue-eyed people divided into eleven great clans. Some wander the North as nomads, while others live in permanent settlements. They are related the Northlanders of Ruathym and speak a dialect of Illuskan. The Uthgardt have little love for southerners and civilized-folk.

The Uthgardt generally revere Uthgar as their chief deity. Each tribe has a totem beast representing the aspect of Uthgar it reveres most, an ancestral mound that holds the tribe's sacred magic and spirits, and an ancient ritual enemy that the rangers choose as a special enemy. All the Uthgardt tribes hate orcs to the extent that they even ally with non-Uthgardt against them. No Uthgardt barbarian tribe will knowingly cut down a living tree.

Black Lion Tribe: The Black Lions have betrayed Uthgardt traditions and settled near the sacred site of Beorunna's Well. Most folk of the Black Lion tribe have given up worship of Uthgar and now worship Helm, Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr. Ancestor Mound: Beorunna's Well. Ritual Enemy: Tundra barbarians.

Black Raven Tribe: The most tradition-bound tribe, the Black Raven fly into battle (most often against caravans) riding giant ravens. Ancestor Mound: Raven Rock. Ritual Enemy: Griffon tribe, foreign merchants and clerics.

Elk Tribe: The Elk tribe wanders the Evermoors and the land near the Dessarin river. They're little more than bandits. Many have given up worship of Uthgar in favor of Talos. Ancestor Mound: Flintrock. Ritual Enemy: A dead northern civilization.

Gray Wolf Tribe: Members of the Gray Wolf Tribe are lycanthropes, turning into wolves under the full moon. Tribesfolk who leave and join other tribes lose the curse after they have spent a year as initiates into a different Uthgardt tribe's totem. Ancestor Mound: Raven Rock. Ritual Enemy: Orcs.

Great Worm Tribe: Several years ago, adventurers slew a benevolent draconic creature that had ruled the Great Worm Tribe. The tribe has maintained its balance thanks to good leadership and the fact that the Worm still seems to be looking out for them, as proven by the magic armor made of its body that appeared outside the sleeping tents of the tribe's two leaders. Ancestor Mound: Great Worm Cavern. Ritual Enemy: Evil creatures.

Griffon Tribe: See the Griffon's Nest. Ancestor Mound: Shining White. Ritual Enemy: Northern cities.

Red Tiger Tribe: This small tribe of hunters based near Beorunna's Well prides itself on hunting only with three-clawed stone daggers called "claws" as weapons. Ancestor Mound: Beorunna's Well. Ritual Enemy: Blue Bear Tribe (now deceased).

Sky Pony Tribe: The most active of the Uthgardt tribes, fanatically devoted to Uthgar's ally Tempus. Ancestor Mound: One Stone. Ritual Enemy: Orcs.

Thunderbeast Tribe: The most civilized of the tribes, living (though not farming) near the High Forest The clan's totem beast is a giant dinosaur. Ancestor Mound: Morgur's Mound. Ritual Enemy: Wolves.

Tree Ghost Tribe: After a tumultuous few years of conflict, the Tree Ghosts have declared themselves to be the protectors of Grandfather Tree. So far they have had no argument from other High Forest dwellers who respect the tree. Ancestor Mound: Grandfather Tree. Ritual Enemy: Evil undead creatures.