Between Shieldmeets

In the four years since the last Shieldmeet festival (in 1368 DR), a list of the potential attendees of year's Dalelands Shieldmeet has changed wildly. Randal Morn has retaken Daggerdale from the Zhents. Plague decimated Scardale and its occupying forces. The Red Wizards of Thay built a trade enclave in shattered port of Scardale. South of the Dales, a vigorous new Overmaster dominates Sembia. Drow, some of whom erupted from Underdark portals within Battledale itself, build strongholds in Cormanthor. Zhentil Keep looms to the north, boding worse for the future now that Bane has returned to bolster the power of the Zhentarim priests.

On the bright side, moon elves, wood elves, and a few sun elves who left for Evermeet are filtering back into the Dales through Evereska, Deepingdale and their own forest pathways. Battledale's elven allies promise that they will attend this year's Shieldmeet, cheering those who missed the grace and beauty lent by the elves of the Court to the festival.