The Dragons of the Dragon Coast

A dozen coasters, if asked what the Dragon Coast's named for will deliver a dozen different, often scathing, replies. Who has time such foolishness... and how much coin is an answer worth to you anyway?

Pay a dozen sages to reveal the origin of the term "Dragon Coast" and you reap another dozen different replies.

Most answers begin with mention of the dragon Kisonrasjilir, slain by Saldrinar of the Seven Spells in -349 DR. (Some tales say Saldrinar imprisoned the wyrm in a scepter, to call forth its powers at will) Saidrinar founded Westgate on the dragon's lair and proclaimed himself its king. But the list only begins there.

Many identify "the" Purple Dragon of Cormyr, Thaeglor, as the inspiration. Others speak of Kulrak the Many-Taloned,a wyrm of mountainous size who laired amid the southernmost Thunder Peaks before Thauglor was hatched - and was vanquished by Rauthstokh "Redbones," the sire of Tchazzar.

Still others favor the fang dragon Arauvrirn, a small, vicious predator known for flying low over the water and plucking sailors and fisherfolk from vessels. He preyed fearlessly along the, coasts in a ten-season reign of terror that ended when Arauvrim was petrified by a shipborne mage and plunged under the waves, never to be seen again.

Perhaps the most fearsome wyrm of all is Larithylar, who may still live in several possessed bodies (just as she may earlier have possessed some of the dragons described above). A lamia sorceress who devised magic to give herself human, humanoid, and draconic forms, she learned to possess and control true dragons. Until she faked her own death, centuries ago, she was briefly notorious as "the Chameleon Dragon." She may dwell in Westgate, seeking the specific magic items for some dark scheme.