Perilous Gateways

Portals of the Written Word

By Robert Wiese

Some say that writing is the portal for the mind to fantastic worlds. Faerûn is fantastic enough on its own, but its dwellers dream of even more exotic lands. Some only write down their visions, leaving them for others to sing and tell as time passes. Some try to make those visions a reality, and their efforts frequently leave behind more written accounts to be told across the Realms. Either way, writing is common to most societies, and indeed it is important to culture and the development of nations. It is also important to magic, and some have seen it as important to the creation or use of portals. In this month's Perilous Gateways, see how writing and portals mesh together to open doorways to adventure.

Get out your quill and get ready for adventure:

About the Author

Robert Wiese's love of gaming started in the Boy Scouts, where you'd think there was enough to do to keep one from playing roleplaying games. Through college he has played in some great home campaigns, and he discovered the RPGA at a small game day in 1991. He slaved away for the RPGA on staff for six and a half years, and he now works at UNR as a biochemical researcher. He still plays, but he gardens a lot and devotes as much time as possible to his beloved wife.

Portals of Faerûn